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Frankston Council says Bula and extends a helping hand to Fiji.

  Fiji is  getting a helping hand from Frankston City Council after enduring a particularly tough time with Covid-19. The pandemic caused much suffering and brought the friendly islands to a near standstill. Mayor Kris Bolam, initiated a critical humanitarian response  after being approached by the Victorian Multicultural Sports Association Inc  that noted Frankston and Suva (Fiji) are in negotiations regarding a Friendship City relationship. “Noting that we are in […]

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A Few Grey Days Ahead

  While you're  dodging the raindrops this week - You might have a moment to think about the most memorable music experience you’ve had on the Peninsula? Apart from RPP FM what would you like to hear  more of? These are some of the questions the Morington Shire council is asking our community right now to help shape a  brand new Music Plan 2025. Do you think there are enough […]

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 Horoscope Forecast 20 – 26 September

This week there’s a Full Moon in Pisces, the Sun moves into Libra and we celebrate the southern hemisphere Spring Equinox on Wednesday, so your best to bring more Piscean peace, harmony and balance into your busy lives. The next full moon is the 20th Sept in Pisces Prepare to be feeling extra sensitive, creative, and maybe even more intuitive this week. The full moon in Pisces is linked to […]

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COVID-19 ends Footy season

AFLSE POSITION STATEMENT: Cancellation of remaining 2021 season Hi All, Following on from yesterday's announcement to extend the lockdown for Greater Melbourne, it is with much sadness that AFLSE has determined that the remaining games fixtured for season 2021, including all finals, for all AFLSE administered leagues will be cancelled. AFL Victoria will provide an update on other AFL lead programs, including Auskick, in due course. This is an extremely […]

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You’ve survived COVID-19, but  you’ve lost your sense of  smell. Frighteningly you are not alone.  According to a study quoted in the Australian, 86% of mild COVID-19 sufferers experience some form of anosmia [ah-NOSE-mee-ah] loss of smell, or partial loss of smell hyposmia [high-POSE-mee-ah]. While another study quoted by the New York Times says the number is closer to 77% So you want the good news  or the bad news […]

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MPNFL Clubs split down the middle..

MPNFL Footy is split down the middle with a recent survey result only showing just 55% - 60% of clubs want to admit other clubs into the league. The Herald Sun reported back on the 11th August with the headline that "Expansion was on the cards for the Mornington Peninsula League" The survey was to be completed by the 30th August, but a meeting last night of the MPNFL Presidents […]

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