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Astrologic Horoscope Feb 22nd-28th

Thank goodness Mercury has resumed its direct motion and the Sun is enjoying its journey in perceptive Pisces plus there’s a Full Moon’s in practical Virgo on the weekend. In the next few days your imagination and discerning focus will take you far. The next full moon will be this Saturday 27 Feb in Virgo […]

Astrologic Horoscope Feb 15th -21

This week there will be a disruptive and frustrating Saturn/Uranus square, the status quo will be questioned, and rigid patterns of behaviour will be broken down. Ask yourself, what area of your life needs a radical makeover? Try to get the balance right between responsibilities to others and your personal freedom. This Thursday the Sun […]

Astrologic Horoscope Feb 8-14th 2021

This week there’s a New Moon in innovative Aquarius. It’s time to get a start on all of those creative, inspirational projects or take action with that innovative idea you’ve been considering. Chinese New Year starts this week, we are also celebrating that most romantic of days, Valentine’s Day and yes Mercury is still retrograde. […]

Astrologic Horoscope February 1st – 6th

The main celestial influences this week are Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius plus Saturn and Uranus linking up with Venus. You can expect a confusing and chaotic week, especially involving relationships. Motives will easily be misconstrued, especially if you are hasty and impulsive. Try to consider and even re-consider things extra carefully before you speak or […]

Astrologic Horoscope Jan 25 – 31st

Expect a dramatic week, as the Aquarian Sun links up with Uranus and Jupiter, plus there’s a fiery Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday. There is good fortune on its way wherever Uranus or Jupiter are currently residing in your natal chart. On a global scale, there can be breakthroughs regarding the pandemic, and the […]

Astrologic Horoscope Jan 18 – 24th 2021

Expect the unexpected this week, as Mars connects with Uranus and Jupiter, we’re also still reeling from the effects of the disruptive Jupiter-Uranus square. The Sun will join Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in progressive Aquarius this week indicating the times are at last a-changing. The next full moon will be 28 January in Leo. So […]

Horoscope Forecast Jan 11th – 17th 2021

The mid-week New Moon phase in Capricorn should be a good time to start a job, draw up a business plan or set your ambitious goals for 2021. Sunday’s Jupiter-Uranus square will be a wake-up call regarding something you’re hesitating to change in your life right now. If you don’t make a radical change soon, […]

The Astrologic Christmas Stars !!

Monday night heralded the much anticipated conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius …. During the next 20 years, this particular Grand Conjunction will set the tone for the ethos for the next 20 years affecting the arts, food, ecology, world politics, the environment, nurturing and healing of the earth, science and innovation, equality, diversity, […]

Astrologic Horoscope Dec 15th.

This week’s Solar Eclipse was followed by the historic ingress of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius, the sign of disruption, diversity, equality and community. Behold the birth of the new Age of Aquarius. These two planets haven’t been in Aquarius, at the same time since 1962, which heralded the tumultuous 60s era including women’s liberation, […]