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Frankston Council says Bula and extends a helping hand to Fiji.

  Fiji is  getting a helping hand from Frankston City Council after enduring a particularly tough time with Covid-19. The pandemic caused much suffering and brought the friendly islands to a near standstill. Mayor Kris Bolam, initiated a critical humanitarian response  after being approached by the Victorian Multicultural Sports Association Inc  that noted Frankston and Suva (Fiji) are in negotiations regarding a Friendship City relationship. “Noting that we are in […]

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Frankston City honours its pandemic heroes.

Frankston Council is honouring the City’s selfless heroes who gave so much  during the COVID-19 pandemic. Flags and scrolls featuring iconic images capturing the battle  against COVID-19 have been created by prominent street artists Brigitte Dawson and Melissa Turner from Melbourne’s Murals. Mayor Kris Bolam said more than 60 organisations, which have supported the community throughout the pandemic, will receive COVID Hero scrolls to honour their contribution. In addition to […]

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Kris Bolam elected Mayor of Frankston City

Councillor Kris Bolam (JP) has been elected to the position of Frankston City Mayor for a second time – having also served as Mayor in 2011.  Councillor Nathan Conroy was elected Deputy Mayor, and both Councillor Conroy and Bolam will serve in these positions for the next 12 months.  In 2011, Councillor Bolam was one of the youngest Councillors ever to have been appointed to the position of Mayor in […]

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Your community needs YOU!

Are you a passionate Frankston City resident who wants to make your community even better? Have you thought about running for Council? With the 24 October elections quickly approaching, Frankston City Mayor, Sandra Mayer, encouraged those interested in running for Council to become involved. “As I come to the end of my 12 years in local government, I would strongly recommend any interested candidates come forward for a chance give […]

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