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This week Stars – Your Horoscope

Great time of the year for you Aquarians  !! Here's Claudia with this week's horoscope AQUARIUS     ARIES     CANCER     CAPRICORN     GEMINI     LEO     LIBRA     PISCES     SAGITTARIUS     SCORPIO     TAURUS     VIRGO   HAVE A GREAT WEEK AND IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE – CONTACT ME HERE :     Instagram   astrologic60  […]

today08/02/2022 22


Horoscope Forecast 31 Jan – 6 Feb

This week, prepare for a fresh start. There’s a new moon in Aquarius and it’s Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger. Mercury goes direct on Friday and the Mars/Jupiter sextile should encourage your optimism and your inner proactivist.   The next new moon is 1 February 2022 in Aquarius   If you know your rising sign or moon sign, take note of the weekly forecast for those as […]

today02/02/2022 24


Horoscope Forecast 24 Jan – 30 2022

Even though the Sun is now in progressive Aquarius, there is a conflicting mix of planets in conservative Capricorn. Pluto and retrograde Venus along with Mars and Mercury will reverse back into Capricorn midweek. The message is, try to blend the old with the new; and don’t hold back from exercising your innovation muscles with the tried-and-true. The next new moon is 1 February 2022 in Aquarius   If you […]

today25/01/2022 19


Horoscope Forecast 17 – 23 Jan 2022

There’s a Full Moon in Cancer on Monday night, plus Venus and Mercury are both currently retrograde. Don’t be surprised if people and those around you are overly moody and perhaps even acting a bit strange. This week communication could be confusing and some of your relationships might be under a little stress. Tread carefully and, if in doubt, take the time to double-check…everything.   The next full moon is […]

today18/01/2022 25


Horoscope Forecast 20 – 26 December

Venus is retrograde from now until the end of January. If you’re in a relationship, the two of you may be under increased stress due to illness, money problems, job pressures or some other issues. Use this time to work on your relationship in a patient and productive way. If you’re single, don’t expect too much from the dating scene during this period. If you do connect with someone special, […]

today21/12/2021 26


Horoscope Forecast to December 19th

This week Mars joins the Sun in fiery Sagittarius. On the weekend there’s a Full Moon in Gemini which should be perfect for all those festive season get-togethers and Christmas celebrations. The next full moon is 19 Dec in Gemini It’s the final Full Moon of 2021. As we head into 2022, the aspects brought on by the earlier Sagittarius New Moon are being highlighted. The Full Moon in Gemini […]

today14/12/2021 22


Horoscope Forecast week till 12 December

  This week’s planetary line-up will highlight either creativity and compassion or confusion and deception.  Tread carefully and check those facts thoroughly before you make any important moves or sign any important documents. The next full moon is 19 Dec in Gemini If you know your rising sign or moon sign, take note of the weekly forecast for those as well as they could apply more accurately than your sun […]

today08/12/2021 26


Horoscope Forecast 22 – 28 November

This week we enter Sagittarius Season where the mood is bright, the pace is brisk and the conversations should flow with ease. Good news for Capricorns, Venus enters your sign for a lengthy 4 month journey, finances should improve along with relationships and creativity.  This transit will also impact all you Virgos and Taureans.   The next new moon is 4 Dec in Sagittarius   If you know your rising […]

today22/11/2021 31


Horoscope Forecast 15 – 21 November

Prepare for a bit of a crazy week as the Full Moon in Taurus shines brightly and aims a spotlight on your most heartfelt desires. The Mars/Uranus opposition may conjure some restless feelings and rebellious action. The Venus/Uranus trine just might encourage some love-at-first sight or even a spontaneous romantic declaration, there just might be some wedding bells in the near future.   The next full moon is 19 November […]

today15/11/2021 25