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Horoscope Forecast Jan 11th – 17th 2021

The mid-week New Moon phase in Capricorn should be a good time to start a job, draw up a business plan or set your ambitious goals for 2021. Sunday’s Jupiter-Uranus square will be a wake-up call regarding something you’re hesitating to change in your life right now. If you don’t make a radical change soon, […]

The Astrologic Christmas Stars !!

Monday night heralded the much anticipated conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius …. During the next 20 years, this particular Grand Conjunction will set the tone for the ethos for the next 20 years affecting the arts, food, ecology, world politics, the environment, nurturing and healing of the earth, science and innovation, equality, diversity, […]

Astrologic Horoscope Dec 15th.

This week’s Solar Eclipse was followed by the historic ingress of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius, the sign of disruption, diversity, equality and community. Behold the birth of the new Age of Aquarius. These two planets haven’t been in Aquarius, at the same time since 1962, which heralded the tumultuous 60s era including women’s liberation, […]

Astrologic Horoscope: Dec 1st

Hello ! The week starts with this weeks Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. It’s the perfect time to set intentions and make your wishes for 2021, especially for anything involving education, media, travel and local community projects. This weekend’s Venus-Neptune trine will encourage romantic rendezvous, creative pursuits and humanitarian endeavours. The next new moon […]

Astrologic Horoscope : Nov 24th

Horoscope Forecast Nov 23-29 The Sun is officially in Sagittarius! It’s a great week for writing, reading, researching, studying and communicating in all sorts of creative ways. Later in the week a partner, relative or friend could unsettle you by making a surprise move or you could be the one who upsets the relationship apple-cart. […]

Astrologic horoscope : Nov 16th

Hi guys! Mars has been moving forwards since Saturday which is great news especially for fiery Aries and Scorpio. Expect a rather tense week particularly for Taureans and Librans, as Venus squares Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. There could also be harsh words and impulsive actions especially involving Geminis and Aquarians. Everyone needs to chill, calm […]

Astrologic horoscope: 091120

Hello Everyone – This week is all about new beginnings, moving forward and transformation (especially in American politics). At the end of the week, there’s a rare Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and Mars finally turns direct on Friday night. This is especially welcome news for Aries who have been fed up with the last two […]


Hi I’m Claudia from Astrologic. Looking at the stars this week – We’re in for a fun and spooky week, Mercury and Mars are both still retrograde; unpredictable Uranus will be opposing the Scorpio Sun; the Full Blue Moon on Saturday, is also Halloween night. Expect thrills, disruptions, delays and dramas. The best way to […]