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Successful recordings in Studio 3

Studio 3, formerly The BlueScope Performance Studio located in 98.7 RPP FM local radio station is quickly earning a reputation. The station is successfully attracting major bands around the country to record their albums. Over the past 12 months, Studio 3 has become a hub of activity for talented bands and singers calling upon RPP […]

Merlin Bird live in Studio 3 today

Mark Mayle, your host for Sunday Sessions has invited this off- beat band The Merlin Bird to Studio 3 today. The Merlin Bird play a sort of atmospheric rock that draws on elements of classical, Middle-Eastern and folk music.   They are currently working as a collaborative four-piece, meaning they spend most of their time arguing over […]

Momentum to appear on Sunday Sessions

The Sunday Sessions program welcomes Momentum this Sunday on RPP FM 12noon – 2pm live. The 3 piece band based on the Mornington Peninsula comprises of members from favourite local bands, Waylayd & The Australian U2 Show. Drawing on a diverse range of music, Momentum site their sound as funk rock. Playing songs from artists such […]