Soul 2 Soul

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This uplifting, inspiring and educational program immerses you in a world of Natural Therapies, the spirit of place and communities, the goodness in people and nature, alternative beliefs and ideas, lifestyles, alternative energies, new thought, health & wellbeing and the positives of life. Soul 2 Soul’s charter is to explore, report and discuss ‘Mind, Body and Soul’, spirituality and Personal and Interpersonal Development. It’s an awareness program that speaks to individuals while addressing communities at large.

Host Steve Meyers
Steve taught in the areas of mind, body and soul over 23yrs and is a professionally trained Medium, Kinergist and Therapist who worked and lectured in many countries. Travelling to the most inspiring, spiritual locations around the world, Steve brings this experience and knowledge to Soul 2 Soul. He is a film maker, musician and producer of radio programs and music.

Co-Host Patricia
Moving from Quebec Canada, Patricia brings an international flavour to the program. She is an Intuitive Medium, Healer & Vibratory Artist and inspires many with her talent, wisdom and gifts of healing and compassion. She has worked with other Natural Therapist and Healing Modalities practitioners.
Both would love your comments and feedback.

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