Peninsula Talks – “You First” with Maz O’Connor

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Thursday11:00 amtrending_flat1:00 pm

Maz O’Connor with her guests, explore how looking after YOU FIRST supports your longevity. your relationships, your family and your day to day health.  When we put on our own oxygen mask first, we can support others more effectively.

The premise I come from is “being of service”.  What can I do to support more people to live well, live more connected to self, others, and our environment.

Join Maz and guests to discuss topics such as :

  • Yoga – wellness and health.
  • Parenting
  • Middle ageing
  • Coach / mentoring
  • Small business
  • Community
  • Sailing / ocean
  • Local events

Join Maz on RPP FM every Thursday at 11am.

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