Peninsula Talks (Health Matters) with Dr. Ben

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People say that health and family are the top two things that matter, but sadly most are unaware of how to make them matter the most.
In Health Matters, Dr. Ben interviews 6 special guests every week on the topic of health.
His guests cover all Matters of health from Movement, Fuel, Think, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and much, much more.
Dr. Ben Carvosso is a Chiropractor, Coach, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur, who gathers health experts from around Australia to talk about all matters of health.
Listen and share with others in your community and together let’s make Health Matter Most on the Mornington Peninsula.

On each show we have a guest discussing…



We know how important movement is in optimising health. In this segment we look at how to move and what it means for health.   Importantly this segment
will encourage people to move more, address their excuses and activate wellness.


They say you are what you eat. This can be a real pardon the pun “hot potato”, but we cover every topic about what you put in your mouth.

This is always a practical conversation with take home, actionable steps.


This is an incredible segment, where we will tackle the big and import conversations about how to look after your mind not just to be OK,
but how to perform at your best in life.


Specialised health advice for women. In this segment we have a women’s health expert, exploring more than just how to survive but how to thrive.

This is a must listen for both Women and Men.


Discussions in this niche are increasing, however we know from a health perspective men are almost always worse off. Why?

In this segment we have conversations that will connect with where men are at and encourage them to move (even if only slightly)
towards making better decisions around their health. Again this is a must listen for both Men and Women.


Every week we source a “rockstar” in some health niche.   From breathing and sleep to body image and sex. Guests will range from Wim Hoff
Practitioners to Paediatric Professors. This segment will always end upbeat and leave you our listener inspired to be better.


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