Night Train with Don Smith

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Night Train takes it’s template from some of the great late night music programs around the world. Nothing revolutionary, just good jazz music in a variety of styles carefully chosen to relax, soothe, interest and distract the listener from the cares of the day. When we say ‘Jazz’, we mean modern that’s Bop…’be’, ‘hard’ and ‘post’. We also open the show with a Big Band track and we have a weekly feature from the Hammond Organ which occasionally (not always) takes us into Soul and Funk territory. There’s always a place for the piano/bass/drum lineup. As is often stated, “The first hour won’t put you to sleep, the second won’t keep you awake” Well,… Not too sure about that last bit but we try…we do try.

Don Smith recalls, as a teenager, bicycling through English winter nights to get home from Night School, where he was studying to be an Industrial Chemist, in time to listen to BBC radio’s late night jazz shows with music from people like Kenny Baker and Humphrey Lyttleton. He was also lucky to obtain a family radio set to receive the American Forces Network from Germany to hear the late shows of legendary jazz broadcaster Willis Conover.
Locating to Australia in the late 60’s and retiring some 30 years after from the Scientific Equipment business, Don decided it was time to get behind the microphone and share his love of Jazz with like minded people.
Don loves his Jazz and over the years has jumped through hoops just to get a ‘Jazz Fix’.
Like the man himself, his musical tastes have come a long way
and he feels he yet has a long way to go. It’s an interesting journey!

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