Catholic Hour

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Maureen Federico presenter of the Catholic Hour offers an easy listening program – the Scriptural readings from the Mass of the day, topical relevant ideas on contemporary issues from the Frankston Parish Priest, Fr. Denis Stanley, news from the Perth ‘Record’ with comments of what is happening around the Catholic scene worldwide, and of course magnificent music.  Maureen covers the unbroken line of 2000 years, a colourful history in deep spirituality, in ethics including human rights, with full recognition of the Jewish prophets and people of the Hebrew Bible. The program is a tribute to Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.
Whether you have any beliefs or none we look forward to bringing you a relevant program that reflects the way we live.  With a passing note to think about “Human life is incomplete when it lacks spirituality!    Adieu

Maureen joined 3RPP (which it was then called) when one of her fellow human rights activists in the Right to Life movement, the late Chris Jacovou, a male nurse, joined the radio station when an invitation called upon the Mornington community for presenters. Maureen also took up the challenge and joined Chris on his Friday program for 5 years. Then in 1991 an hour slot became available at 6am on Sunday and she seized the opportunity for a Catholic program and the rest is history.
Maureen, through life’s experiences, believes that the upholding of Judeo/Christian ethics and morals, which incorporates a strong sense of community service, benefits everyone.  She appreciates the diversity of thought that is the privilege and ethos of local radio for the community.

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