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Thursday - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Age Stage

A program that reflects lifestyles on the Mornington Peninsula  

The Age Stage is aimed at anyone with an interest in the over 50 age group and will focus on all aspects of life from retirement, retirement lifestyles and aged care to health, finances, exercise, food, medical and technological change, entertainment, travel and our homes.

Executive Producer Paula Dunn , presents the program with William Bond as co-presenter.

Catie Sharp helps research and produce the show.

Paula and William will draw on a line of up of RPP FM reporters who each week will value-add by reporting on topical issue that affect the 50 plus age group.

BIO – Paula Dunn

Paula leads a very busy life- presenting the Age Stage as well as coordinating RPP FM’s Sales and Marketing department.

When she is not at RPP FM – Paula runs her own Relationship Counselling consultancy.

Paula loves working with people and has a strong professional and personal interest in the Age stage have helped plan and formulate the program.

BIO – William Bond

William has a long and distinguished career in radio and the media, having cut his teeth up north in Queensland before moving to the Mornington peninsula.

When he is not on air – co-presenting the Age Stage – William can be heard on RPP FM Breakfast Tuesday- Wednesday and Thursday.

William also has a great love and passion for wine and food- and his Bondstore keeps him very busy.