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Sunday - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Sunday Skankin

Sunday Skankin, brought to you by dj Glow, is a program offering a range of rock steady, roots, dub, with a little dancehall and modern crossover. Sunday Skankin is an eclectic and informative show where dj Glow will give some insights to the time period and background of influential and interesting Reggae artists. Sometimes he threads around a theme, sometimes he features an artist. His biggest influence is his Humboldt upbringing and the vibrant touring and festival scene on the West Coast.

Glenn Cook, aka dj Glow, is a native to the North Coast of California and is a life long fan of music with a wide range of tastes. He arrives at RPP FM with experience behind the microphone at radio KMUD, a community station in Redway CA, filling in as a DJ for a few music programs. He also completed some engineer training on talk/call shows. Glenn moved to the Mornington Peninsula for career growth and the opportunities Australia offered to his family. He enjoys camping, hiking, snowboarding, sports and live music.