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Thursday - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This program is one of its kind designed to provide lighthearted & uplifting entertainment to ‘Night Owls’ on the Peninsula. Weekly segments include ‘The Importance of…’, ‘What’s Hot, What’s Not’, & Phil’s ‘Blast from the Past’ mixed in with an eclectic collection of music. ‘Like’ us on Sleepless on the Peninsula facebook page & remember to Live, Laugh, Love!


Lyna’s background has always been involved in the Arts & Entertainment Industry. In November 2012, she came up with an idea to create a lifestyle variety radio show called Sleepless On The Peninsula. This show had to be informative, uplifting, down to earth and offer great music, but most importantly, it had to be fun. Lyna approached RPP FM Community Radio and pitched her idea. So in December 2012, Sleepless On The Peninsula went to air for the first time. Lyna enlisted her current co-host and panel operator Colin Clements. Instantly, it was a partnership made in heaven. After four years of late night radio, the pair felt it was the right time to ask for an earlier timeslot, hence SOTP now airs every Thursday 7.00pm – 8.30pm. With over 200 shows under their belt and with their loyal night owl listeners, they are excited to gain more listeners with this new timeslot. Both of them ‘Love What They Do, and Do What They Love’ – music and people are their passion. SOTP has created a forum that encourages listeners to participate whatever the medium – phone, email or facebook. At the end of the day Lyna says, “It’s about communication and creating a feel good show that makes a positive contribution to the community. SOTP would love to hear from you, because you matter.”


Colin has been co-host and panel operator for Sleepless On The Peninsula since 2012. He has a love and passion for life which he brings to the table. Having lived on the Peninsula all his life and employed as a ‘Postie’ for 17 years, Colin has a deep knowledge of local history that adds interesting viewpoints to topics raised on the program. Both Lyna and Colin are very down to earth and call a spade, a spade. They are always up for a chat and love it! Their chemistry on SOTP is amazing which makes for great radio. And with the new timeslot each Thursday, allows them to speak directly to you, the listener. It’s what these two ‘naturals’ do best. This makes for a very interesting lifestyle variety radio program which is funny, informative and entertaining. As Col says each week, “Call me, Call me now.” – lol!