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Thursday - 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
NY Jazz

Music should cause ease not disease. It should make you laugh, make you think, support you and tell you a story. It should convey the technical skill of the musician or the lack thereof!
Musical Waves is about jazz vibrations that uplift and support the listener and at times, it’s about making you take notice. When learning to play an instrument, there comes a point where the teacher will say to the student, the most important thing is the space between all those notes. Those spaces allow us to hear the music. Musical waves gives you the space to hear the music.
A Native New Yorker, Matt Adams comes from a musical family. His Grandfather, Saxophonist Hilton Jefferson, was concert master for Cab Calloway as well as playing first alto for Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington.
Matt followed in those footsteps learning Alto sax & bass guitar starting at age 13. He played in bar bands in Greenwich Village to help pay for University. Music took a back seat after study. Matt spent 17 plus years as a member of the Amex, CBOE, and Pacific Stock Exchanges but music was always there.
In the early 90’s he moved to India for a year of meditation and study. He qualified to teach Indian percussion; Tabla, Mridungum [drums] and Tamboura. Even in India, Jazz was never far away. His Bass teacher, Milt Hinton, told a friend who was going to India that Hilton’s grandson was living there so look him up.
That led to a great week of music and life lessons from Saxophone great Illinois Jacquet. Matt still plays bass guitar, saxophone and Indian percussion. His love of Jazz is in his blood.