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Mostly Music with John Tinney



John Tinney, presenter of Mostly Music between 9am – 11am every Tuesday, is a program that focuses on pleasant easy listening music from the 50’s to present day. John likes music with lyrics one can understand and melodies you can sing or hum to. He likes to play the ‘old standards’ that are timeless, particularly if he finds a new rendition featuring an Australian artist. The program occasionally includes interviews with local identities.

Born a long time ago and not getting any younger, John Tinney has had an eventful career, mostly in media. His introduction to radio was at the age of just 14 when he had a school holiday job at 3DB. This was pre-TV. Later John studied at the Lee Murray Radio School which led to his first announcing position at 3CS Colac. From there he joined 3XY as a copywriter/announcer. His next move was to an Advertising Agency and then to the Melbourne Herald as an Advertising Representative. John’s final position was with Australia Post where he had become editor of the Australian Stamp Bulletin.