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Mornings with Heather Mc


Heather Miles and co-host Matt Adams present this program about music with both local and Australia wide entertainment information. Heather and Adam keep you updated with news and local events, weather and traffic reports and interviews local talent.
Be listening for the upcoming segment called ‘What’s Hot, What’s Not and a monthly forum.

Heather is woman in the ‘know’ around celebrities and entertainer circles. She began her career in the entertainment industry as a singer at age 16, attended The London School of Singing and performed on the London theatre trail and theatre restaurants singing and acting before starting her own band at age 20.
Along the years, Heather performed in musical theatre in Australia and still loves to sing with her many artist friends. She is also looking forward to getting back into acting.
She grew up in family of entertainers and well-accomplished people. Her mother was a dancer, her father, a boxer who worked as a bodyguard for the rich and famous, her brother also was a bodyguard in the US and her sister is a well-known artist in the UK.
Heather welcomes the opportunity to showcase her musical favourites, talks about her views, the news and chats to local talent on air.