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Monday Drive


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Monday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


monday arvo imageMonday Arvo with Josh every Monday at 4pm tune into 98.7 RPP FM for a cruisy two hours of radio with plenty of music, minimal talk and less ad breaks!

Each week we’ll go on a musical journey with feature segments…

“The iPod’s Choice”
In “Shuffle” mode the iPod takes over the show – picking three songs at random.

“Instrumental Track”
We hear a piece of rock instrumentation with no lyrics.

“Epic Song”
If it’s running time is 10+ mins, it’s an epic, and we’ll play the song in it’s entirety!

“The Month That Was…..”
Three songs are played from the month we are currently in of any given year from the 60’s onward.
A dart is thrown at some very old calendars – that’s the picking process for this segment.

“Live Track”
Some classic tracks played live by some gigantic acts.

“A Salute To…..”
A celebration with and, some times, through song of a subject or current event.

Plus we’ll have all your news, sport and weather.

Live stream from the rppfm.com.au website and download our APP.

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