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Blues Shack with Ray Reid


The Blues Shack is the place to listen to the very best and widest ranging selection of Blues Music from Australia. Each week Reidy will bring to you the latest release Australian Blues albums, a monthly run through of the top 10 albums on the Blues Roots Album airplay Chart, artists, interviews and inspiring stories. The Blues Shack, 100% Aussie Blues, 100% of the time, putting Aussies ahead of the rest, back where it belongs, and proud of it!

As a young upstart at age 15, this self taught bass guitarist who played in a local cover band in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne proclaims he always loved playing Blues songs more than other genres. Moving to the Eastern Suburbs in 1971 after meeting his then wife, Ray continued playing in covers and local folk bands.

There isn’t much this ‘man of the moment’ hasn’t done in the music world. He has been a disco jock about the Mornington Peninsula, actor, stage manager, sound technician and lighting in Melbourne and local stage productions. During this time he won various awards for sound, lighting and direction.
Ray has been a member of 3RPP (which is was then called) over 18 years and was one of the earlier presenters hosting various radio programs.

With a change of tactic after facing some challenges in this life, he joined The Frankston Theatre Group (FTG) and assisted with audio support sound, music etc., and became the a ‘house band’ member.

He formed ‘Millenium, an Elvis Presley tribute band with Elvis Presley impersonator Derek Lewis, created ‘VM’, A Van Morrison Tribute Band, still performing on the Peninsula.

Ray still has ‘sticky fingers’ playing bass guitar with Andy Phillips and The Cadillac Walk around Melbourne and NZ, has performed with Blues artists such aw Stevie Paige, Mike Ellrington and Wayne Dury on radio.

In 2011 the Blues Shack program on RPP FM was born and Ray, as the host-with-the-most continuing delights a large listening audience. In the same year, he joined the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society.