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Each week presenter Piers Cunningham discusses a range of fascinating topics ranging from new apps for your smart phone, great websites we’ve unearthed and the latest gadgets through to human and robotic space exploration, plus podcasts from around the world.
We have regular guests talking about how to harness new technologies and the implications of the latest scientific thinking. Listeners are assured of finding something to whet their appetite for science and tech and point them in the right direction for further reading or study.

Piers Cunningham as a background in publishing and journalism while more recently he’s been occupied renovating houses.
His interests include music, film making, travel, space exploration and of course, given the subject matter of BI, science and technology.

Email: beyond.infinity98.3@gmail.com
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Podcast Archive

  • New Pixel Versus iPhone
    We get down to the nitty gritty about which iPhone you should buy and why – the 8, 8 Plus or X. We also look at the latest, very competitive Pixel phones from Google. ... Read more »
  • Heritage Status Granted To World’s First Solar Power Station
    With heritage status confirmed, government funding will be provided for the preservation of this important part of Australia’s engineering heritage. According to Graeme Hanigan, who was pivotal in securing the grant, insights about the promise of solar energy gained from the project – and teaching this to future generations –... Read more »
  • Weekly News From Beyond Infinity 6/3/18
    Our weekly news round-up: US schools fitting bullet proof student shelters in classrooms; Mercedes and BMW team up to develop driverless taxis; Driverless autonomous cars will soon be allowed on US roads; False claims by ISPs about NBN speeds to be outlawed; Facebook approaches maximum penetration; Smart phone rabble copy... Read more »
  • Beyond Infinity Show Notes 6/3/18
    Cars California now allows driverless cars without a human behind the wheel With Eye on BMW Alliance, Daimler to Buy Partner’s Stake in Car2Go Smart Phones Bad iPhone notches are happening to good Android phones NBN Australia considers banning ISPs from listing internet speeds they cannot provide Social Media Facebook is not getting any bigger in... Read more »
  • Australian Government Releases Strategic Plan For Innovation, Science And Research
    We’re good at research but not so good at developing the fruits of our research. A new plan seeks to lay out a road map for the next 13 years to maintain the country’s quality of life and job security. Read More: Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation Full report ... Read more »
  • Highlights of 2018 Mobile World Congress
    John runs through some of the headline mobile phone offerings, including Nokia’s re-release of its Matrix banana phone, new keenly priced Huawei products, Telstra’s ultra fast 5G network and the Galaxy S9. ... Read more »
  • Weekly News From Beyond Infinity 27/2/18
    Our weekly news round-up: Melbourne University study of baby Tasmanian tigers reveals when they developed their similarities to dogs; LRO data suggests the moon has water all over it; Opportunity rover’s 5000 days on Mars; Refunds for those caught up in Western Union scams; SA government promises $30m NBN speed... Read more »
  • Beyond Infinity Show Notes 27/2/18
    Biology A 3-D Look Inside the Tasmanian Tiger’s Pouch, Long After Extinction Data from: Letting the “cat” out of the bag: pouch young development of the extinct Tasmanian tiger revealed by X-ray computed tomography Space On Second Thought, the Moon’s Water May Be Widespread and Immobile Widespread distribution of OH/H2O on the lunar surface inferred... Read more »
  • Russia’s Influence In The Election Of Donald Trump
    With 13 Russians and 3 organisations charged with alleged interference, the spotlight returns to the role played by social media. Have vulnerabilities been effectively shut down? Or are future elections, including the 2018 US mid terms, open to foreign meddling as before? ... Read more »
  • The Security Risks Of Quantum Computers
    Next gen computers promise a paradigm shift in biotech, weather forecasting and logistical planning. They also pose security risks due to their ability to crack advanced encryption. ... Read more »