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Each week presenter Piers Cunningham discusses a range of fascinating topics ranging from new apps for your smart phone, great websites we’ve unearthed and the latest gadgets through to human and robotic space exploration, plus podcasts from around the world.
We have regular guests talking about how to harness new technologies and the implications of the latest scientific thinking. Listeners are assured of finding something to whet their appetite for science and tech and point them in the right direction for further reading or study.

Piers Cunningham as a background in publishing and journalism while more recently he’s been occupied renovating houses.
His interests include music, film making, travel, space exploration and of course, given the subject matter of BI, science and technology.

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Podcast Archive

  • Killer Drones To Hunt Down Crown Of Thorns
    RangerBot, developed at the Queensland University of Technology, is a compact autonomous submarine that can identify and kill crown of thorns starfish with a lethal injection of animal bile. In future, fleets of these robotic bounty hunters could help tame the scourge of coral-killing sea stars which threaten the Great... Read more »
  • Changing Usage Of Facebook
    A survey of British school kids showed that 63% would be happy if social media had never been invented. Other studies suggest that younger crew are becoming disenchanted with Facebook, while older generations are getting on board. Further Reading Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media ... Read more »
  • Wannacry Malware Traced Back To North Korean Hacker
    One of the biggest and most damaging malware attacks of the past 10 years, Wannacry infected millions of computers running Windows XP, 7 and 10 around the world, compromising hospitals, airports and government systems. Now the FBI has charged North Korean programmer Park Jin Hyok for a string of big... Read more »
  • 2018 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes
    A run through of some of the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prizes, including a glue to close wounds in place of stitches, a super-sensitive test for detecting leukaemia and an outdoor gaming app to encourage citizen scientists. Further Reading: Eureka Prizes 2018: Five awesome winning innovations from Australian researchers ... Read more »
  • Predicting Your Choices Before You’ve Made Up Your Mind
    Researchers at Auckland University of Technology’s Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute have come up with an AI model which predicts choices made by the sub-conscious mind before you are even aware you’ve made a decision. The breakthrough has huge implications for marketing and advertising. Further Reading: Mapping, Learning, Visualization, Classification, and... Read more »
  • Tough Times For Elon Musk And Tesla Investors
    A flawed genius or just chronically over-worked? Elon Musk’s behaviour over the past few months has raised eyebrows among investors and regulators. Tesla’s share price has fallen nearly 30% and the hunt is on to find a person to assume some of the responsibilities currently shouldered by the company’s founder... Read more »
  • OH Honey!
    Over the past few years we have been interviewing Simon Mulvany of Save the Bees Australia, following his quest to have truth in advertising, particularly with protecting Australian Honey and Bees. Here are all the interviews so you can follow along with the story. We’ll continue to add to this... Read more »
  • Food Fraud – Honey Industry Whistleblower Vindicated
    After recent ABC News revelations about adulterated imported honey from China, activist Simon Mulvany reflects on his protracted legal battle with Australia’s biggest honey company ASX-listed Capilano and the personal toll it has taken on him and his family. While legal proceedings are yet to be resolved, he is already... Read more »
  • Food Fraud – German Testing Exposes Fake Honey On Sale In Australia
    Independent analysis using nuclear magnetic resonance at the Quality Services International lab shows that about half of honey on sale at big supermarket chains is adulterated with sweet-tasting syrups. Following revelations on the ABC’s ‘730 Report’, much of this has now been withdrawn from sale. But fundamental questions have been... Read more »
  • Audit Finds WA Government Agencies Vulnerable To Cyber Crime
    The widespread use of weak or common passwords among the general public is well known, but a recent check by the auditor general on agencies of the state government of Western Australia showed that 60,000 out of 234,000 accounts used insecure passwords. And these agencies are supposed to be trusted... Read more »