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Tuesday - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Each week presenter Piers Cunningham discusses a range of fascinating topics ranging from new apps for your smart phone, great websites we’ve unearthed and the latest gadgets through to human and robotic space exploration, plus podcasts from around the world.
We have regular guests talking about how to harness new technologies and the implications of the latest scientific thinking. Listeners are assured of finding something to whet their appetite for science and tech and point them in the right direction for further reading or study.

Piers Cunningham as a background in publishing and journalism while more recently he’s been occupied renovating houses.
His interests include music, film making, travel, space exploration and of course, given the subject matter of BI, science and technology.

Email: beyond.infinity98.3@gmail.com
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Podcast Archive

  • Antibiotics, Illicit Drugs And Effluent Polluting Our Waterways
    Whether it’s antibiotics polluting the world’s major rivers, illicit drugs – especially ice – showing up in sewerage processing facilities or excrement on our beaches, the world’s waterways are increasingly under threat from human effluent. Further Reading World’s rivers ‘awash with dangerous levels of antibiotics’ Government’s sixth annual wastewater testing… Read more »
  • Exploring Ancient Archaeological Sites As Never Before
    Simon Young, founder and CEO of Melbourne-based Lithodomos VR, updates us on his company’s exciting expansion into museums around the world, where you can put on VR goggles and plunge into what life was really like 2000 years ago. He explains how the Lithodomos Explore app gives access to the… Read more »
  • Melbourne Is First International Uber Air Pilot City
    Uber names Melbourne, Australia as the first market for Uber Air outside the US, after Dallas and New York. Riders could get from the CBD to the airport in 12 minutes for about the same price as an Uber X. Testing from now and beginning services in 2023, subject to… Read more »
  • Deepfaking – Putting Words In Your Mouth
    “Imagine this for a second….whoever controls the data controls the future” – thus didn’t speak the Zuck… but it’s hard to tell when his speech and face are faked. PLUS: the global social experiment of putting a smart phone in billions of hands and totally addicting everyone rolls on, with… Read more »
  • Big Improvements To Google Maps
    Big improvements are on the way for the popular navigation service, including the ability to quickly report car accidents and traffic hazards, speed camera locations, local speed limits across 40 countries and AR-assisted navigation for walkers. Further Reading Google Maps introduces incident reporting for Australian users Google Maps adds ability… Read more »
  • Google Making Life Hard For Ad Blockers
    The tech giant is taking a stand to force Chrome browsers to view its ads. But will people just switch to the faster-loading Firefox, which allows ad blocking add-ons? Further Reading Google Struggles to Justify Why It’s Restricting Ad Blockers in Chrome Update on Project Strobe: New policies for Chrome… Read more »
  • On Stephen Hawking’s Epitaph
    Physicist Dr Tony Heyes explains the equation inscribed on Stephen Hawking’s grave in Westminster Abbey and how it refers to the temperature of a black hole. And it wasn’t the equation the late eminent physicist, mathematician and author had wished for. Further Reading Stephen Hawking gravestone Read more »
  • Taming Drug-Resistant Superbugs
    Looks like heart disease drug Ticagrelor could double as a new kind of antibiotic that’s effective against drug-resistant bacteria. Further Reading Antibacterial Activity of Ticagrelor in Conventional Antiplatelet Dosages Against Antibiotic-Resistant Gram-Positive Bacteria Read more »
  • Hacking Attempt On Beyond Infinity
    John explains what happened when thousands of attempts, possibly originating in the Russian Federation, were made to break into our program website beyondinfinity.com.au. It’s an unfortunate sign of the times and a salutary reminder of the importance of security awareness and vigilance. Further Reading WordFence Security Plugin Read more »
  • Will We Ever Get Back To The Moon?
    Mark Sirangelo, Special Assistant to the NASA Administrator, was hired to get America back to the Moon in 2024. He resigned just 6 weeks into the job, after Congress knocked back extra funding for the effort. A 21st century lunar landing continues to recede into the distant future due to… Read more »