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Each week presenter Piers Cunningham discusses a range of fascinating topics ranging from new apps for your smart phone, great websites we’ve unearthed and the latest gadgets through to human and robotic space exploration, plus podcasts from around the world.
We have regular guests talking about how to harness new technologies and the implications of the latest scientific thinking. Listeners are assured of finding something to whet their appetite for science and tech and point them in the right direction for further reading or study.

Piers Cunningham as a background in publishing and journalism while more recently he’s been occupied renovating houses.
His interests include music, film making, travel, space exploration and of course, given the subject matter of BI, science and technology.

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Podcast Archive

  • Stanford Study Shows Enduring Benefits Of Quitting Facebook
    2844 people were surveyed after giving up Facebook for a month. Many reported increased personal happiness, less extreme political views and more time spent disconnected from the internet. A large number reportedly stayed off social media after the survey was over. Further Reading A “gold standard” study finds deleting Facebook… Read more »
  • Reverse Engineering A Brain
    The Swiss Blue Brain Project aims to create biologically detailed digital reconstructions and simulations of rat, and ultimately human brains. Aided by super computers, the project provides a radically new approach to understanding the multilevel structure and function of the brain. [INTERACT] Blue Brain Cell Atlas Further Reading Blue Brain… Read more »
  • Bezos Shafts D Pecker
    The Amazon CEO and world’s richest man faces personal embarrassment over leaked sexting with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. But the matter has widened into a massive political scandal, with accusations the Saudis and Trump are involved. Further Reading No thank you, Mr. Pecker The Story Behind the Instant Classic “Bezos Exposes… Read more »
  • Deep Space Update – Oppy, InSight And New Horizons
    Efforts intensify to revive the Opportunity rover, silent on Mars since June 2018; the InSight lander deploys instruments to study the Martian interior at Elysium Planitia and New Horizons completes its successful flyby of Ultima Thule, the most distant object ever visited. Further Reading New Horizons’ Newest and Best-Yet View… Read more »
  • Global Internet Infrastructure At Risk
    Malicious software can cause enormous physical damage to older, insecure infrastructure. It can even black out the internet for entire countries. Further Reading Someone is trying to take entire countries offline and cybersecurity experts say ‘it’s a matter of time because it’s really easy’ Submarine communications cable Read more »
  • Increased Bombardment From Outer Space
    A new study using data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter suggests the rate of cratering on the moon has almost tripled in the last 300 million years. Is the Earth now more vulnerable to asteroid strike? Further Reading Ancient Earth saw a huge spike in meteor impacts. It may be… Read more »
  • Instagram Memes Threaten Australian Democracy
    Are elections downunder vulnerable to manipulation like the 2016 US election? Are the 9 million Instagram users sitting ducks for an all-out meme assault? Further Reading Instagram spreads political misinformation and Australian elections are vulnerable Read more »
  • World’s Biggest Air Purifier
    China is building enormous towers in an effort to scrub dangerous pollution from its air. But critics point out that the benefits only seem to be noticed in a small local area close to the towers and that they are fuelled by coal-fired power plants. Further Reading China built a… Read more »
  • The Quantum Arms Race
    China is fast catching up to the US in developing military applications for quantum technology and is now ahead in registering patents in quantum communications and cryptography. Further Reading The US and China are in a quantum arms race that will transform warfare Read more »
  • Bill Gates’ Warning On Gene Editing
    Gates has joined the voices of concerned scientists around the world in issuing his deep reservations, pointing to the potential problem of class disparity between those who can afford enhanced genes and those who can’t. Further Reading Bill Gates warns that nobody is paying attention to gene editing, a new… Read more »