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Each week presenter Piers Cunningham discusses a range of fascinating topics ranging from new apps for your smart phone, great websites we’ve unearthed and the latest gadgets through to human and robotic space exploration, plus podcasts from around the world.
We have regular guests talking about how to harness new technologies and the implications of the latest scientific thinking. Listeners are assured of finding something to whet their appetite for science and tech and point them in the right direction for further reading or study.

Piers Cunningham as a background in publishing and journalism while more recently he’s been occupied renovating houses.
His interests include music, film making, travel, space exploration and of course, given the subject matter of BI, science and technology.

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Podcast Archive

  • Assistance And Access Bill Threatens Encryption Security For All
    With Opposition support, the Australian Government has rushed through new laws to force device makers and software companies to enable law enforcement and intelligence organisations to access encrypted communications. Further Reading Labor resists pressure on Government’s controversial encryption bill as fight turns ugly ... Read more »
  • VR Helping Older Drivers Stay On The Road
    A virtual reality driving simulator for the aged is being trialed in Invernell in NSW. It aims to assess and enhance driving skills to improve road safety and give those who’ve stopped driving a taste of the real thing. Further Reading Virtual Reality Driving Simulator for Older Drivers Virtual reality technology trial takes... Read more »
  • Electriq’s Water-based Fuel
    An Australian/Israeli start up has developed a clean, efficient and cost effective new fuel comprising a stable mix of hydrogen and water. We talk to Michael Simonetti, the digital marketing expert entrusted with spreading the story of this intriguing new technology which he says will change the world. Further Reading Water Based... Read more »
  • Update On Australian Battery Storage Tech
    Victoria is following in the footsteps of the world’s biggest battery at the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia, building new battery sites in Ballarat and Gannawarra. Australia is one of nine countries leading the big battery charge and is tipped to be a global leader in grid-scale battery storage. Further... Read more »
  • InSight Mission Begins On Mars
    Finally, after technical issues delayed the mission by 2 years, NASA’s latest outpost on the red planet is safely established at Elysium Planitia. InSight will use a crane to deploy surface instruments to study Mars’ interior, listen for marsquakes and drill several meters beneath the landing site with a heat... Read more »
  • Latest CSIRO Funding For AI And Space
    Australia’s national science agency is spending up on space technology and AI. Objectives include improved food security and quality, health and well being, better security for Australia and our region, improved response to drought and management of food resources and better genome and climate data to help with crops and... Read more »
  • Out Of Fuel, The Dawn Mission To Vesta And Ceres Concludes
    After 11 years in space and historic orbits of 2 separate objects in the main asteroid belt, the Dawn mission is over. Part of NASA’s Discovery Program, Dawn was a huge success, demonstrating cutting-edge ion propulsion and vastly improving our knowledge of the origins of the solar system, the large... Read more »
  • Winners And Finalists Of Little Big Idea Competition
    Kids are amazing: energised and enthusiastic about science, tech and how to take best advantage of the internet of things. Three young winners of Australia’s ‘Little Big Ideas Competition’ will go on an all-expenses-paid innovation adventure to the US, including a visit to NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Further Reading LittleBIGidea ... Read more »
  • The Resurgence Of Internet Piracy
    Fragmentation of quality programming among different streaming services is causing more people to turn to bit torrent and the like to get hold of the content they want. Further Reading The Rise of Netflix Competitors Has Pushed Consumers Back Toward Piracy Research: Global web piracy on the rise P2P Piracy Is Alive and Growing,... Read more »
  • Details Emerge Of Capilano’s Law Suit
    Simon Mulvany of Save The Bees Australia takes us through some of what he can and can’t say in his legal dispute with Capilano. He is also critical of an article about Capilano published on Choice.com.au, a website which claims to be pro-consumer, independent and “free from commercial bias”. He... Read more »