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Saturday - 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Beyond 3-D

Matt & Clint will take you to a far away place with their ‘Beyond 3-D’ program.

The program will introduce the extraterrestrial world and alternate technologies.

Enter into another galaxy and be fascinated with this amazing new concept program for RPP FM!




Clint is a 44 year old parent of three amazing daughters.

He has a Diploma in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Multimedia Design. Along with a Graduate Degree in Secondary Education and 10 years of engaging teaching experience in Digital Media and Art in some of the most prominent educational facilities.

Unfortunately his love of acoustic guitar and his musical abilities are impeded by a lack of hand co-ordination, skill and time to practice.

Having travelled to the United States on several occasions, Japan, The Philippines, and Indonesia, Clint is a native to Melbourne and has lived on the Mornington Peninsula since a teenager.

With a love of bad 80’s music, graphic novels and film, Clint’s early childhood passions for not accepting the world around him, took him on a journey of discovery for the Esoteric, Synchronicities, Quantum Realities, Spirituality and Exo-Politics are what all drives him and his ‘on air’ partner Matt Adams with their RPP FM radio show, Beyond 3D.


A native New Yorker, Matt Adams loves to tell of far away places like Clint.

But there is a whole other side to Matt – he comes from a musical family. His Grandfather, Saxophonist Hilton Jefferson, was concert master for Cab Calloway as well as playing first alto for Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington.
Matt followed in those footsteps learning Alto sax & bass guitar starting at age 13. He played in bar bands in Greenwich Village to help pay for University. Music took a back seat after study. Matt spent 17 plus years as a member of the Amex, CBOE, and Pacific Stock Exchanges but music was always there.
In the early 90’s he moved to India for a year of meditation and study. He qualified to teach Indian percussion; Tabla, Mridungum [drums] and Tamboura. Even in India, Jazz was never far away. His Bass teacher, Milt Hinton, told a friend who was going to India that Hilton’s grandson was living there so look him up.
That led to a great week of music and life lessons from Saxophone great Illinois Jacquet. Matt still plays bass guitar, saxophone and Indian percussion. His love of Jazz is in his blood.


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