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RPP celebrates diversity & inclusion

People from all over the world have made Mornington Peninsula their home. The Peninsula brings residents together to celebrate and preserve our diverse cultures, and to promote inclusion and belonging. And RPP embraces diversity and inclusion by way of multicultural programs. Keep an eye on our program schedule for specialised shows such as Spanish, German, English, Zimbabwean, Mandarin and Lebanese.


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International voiceover artist Teresa Lim

Teresa Lim is passionate about audio excellence.​ As an experienced media professional, she produces quality voiceovers for companies including Time Warner Turner Entertainment and Southern Cross Austereo, and also voices eLearning for Westpac Australia, Chemwatch, OCBC Singapore and AMGEN biopharmaceutical. Teresa is a well-known voiceover who has won Learn-X Asia Pacific Best Audio awards. Her dedication to clients and excellent organisational skills have secured ongoing contracts internationally, with over 2000+ recordings to date. In September […]


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A Girl Called Eddy

One of the world’s great musicians takes time out to talk to RPPFM’s Mission Impossible – astonishing music and amazing melodies. RPPFM is thrilled to announce that on Friday June 21st at 6.00 p.m. there will be a two hour special featuring one of the world’s most amazing musicians – Erin Moran (known as 'A Girl Called Eddy') plus the station chats about her latest project with French music guru […]


Mt Eliza Farmers' Market

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Mt Eliza Farmers’ Market

On Wednesday 22 May we had a chat during the breakfast show with Jess Schubert-Hoban, manager of the Mt Eliza Farmers' Market. We talked about local food production, supporting our region's farmers and the great community atmosphere at our local famers' markets. The Mt Eliza Farmers' market is on the fourth Sunday of every month (rain, hail or shine) from 9am–1pm. It's centred around the village green at the corner […]



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Koalas under threat

Koalas are an iconic Australian symbol. We love them, tourists love them. But here on the Mornington Peninsula, and elsewhere around the country, the koala population is in serious decline. Koalas need our help. They’re facing a number of threats: land clearing, urban development, changes in our climate, traffic and diseases. On Thursday 23 May during the breakfast program we spoke to Dirk Jansen from the Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation […]

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RPP FM Breakfast show

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Start your day the right way

Our RPP FM breakfast show has a few new faces joining William Bond on Monday to Thursday mornings from 6–9am. Alex, Amy and Katie have been assisting William on the show for the past few weeks of the breakfast program. The ladies (known affectionately in some circles as 'the Bond girls') are learning the ropes and building experience. All are from a media and communications background. They've been on hand […]


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New Morning Show a Crowd of Fun

FRIDAY MORNING IS A CROWD OF FUN Taking its lead from the best of the chat shows the all new Morning Show, with Adam and Matt every Friday, builds to a riot of laughter and controlled confusion as each guest is invited to stick around and help take the party to places unplanned, spontaneous and fun. Sharing chairs, microphones and stories the chaps will fill the studio with an eclectic […]


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POINT OF VIEW debuts the Wednesday at 9 am.

Look out for RPP FM’s newest show, Point-of-View - an occasional one-hour program that  will address a variety of subjects, local and national issues from health to travel. We’ll talk to innovators, local heroes, journalists and commentators. In fact we’re up for anything Point-of-View is  informative, entertaining, thought provoking and opinionated and we will chat to everyone from captains of industry, opinion leaders, specialists, activists and everyday Joes. Coming up […]