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Vision for the Future

RPP’s Vision for the Future With the launch of the new visual platform, RPPV, creating all sorts of excitement we decided to grab a few moments with station manager, Brendon Telfer, and have him explain to us just what the hell a radio station is doing broadcasting vision… “We all know the way we communicate […]

Vale Fred Thomas

FRED THOMAS – PREVIOUS PRESIDENT OF RPP It is with regret that we announce the death of one of the stalwarts of the foundation of RPP-FM. Fred wore many hats during his time with RPP – the last position he held was that of President, a period of office that he held for several  years. […]

A Girl Called Eddy

One of the world’s great musicians takes time out to talk to RPPFM’s Mission Impossible – astonishing music and amazing melodies. RPPFM is thrilled to announce that on Friday June 21st at 6.00 p.m. there will be a two hour special featuring one of the world’s most amazing musicians – Erin Moran (known as ‘A Girl […]

Koalas under threat

Koalas are an iconic Australian symbol. We love them, tourists love them. But here on the Mornington Peninsula, and elsewhere around the country, the koala population is in serious decline. Koalas need our help. They’re facing a number of threats: land clearing, urban development, changes in our climate, traffic and diseases. On Thursday 23 May […]

Start your day the right way

Our RPP FM breakfast show has a few new faces joining William Bond on Monday to Thursday mornings from 6–9am. Alex, Amy and Katie have been assisting William on the show for the past few weeks of the breakfast program. The ladies (known affectionately in some circles as ‘the Bond girls’) are learning the ropes […]

Mars? Really? Why?

” Humans need to be a multi-planet species.” Elon Musk Behold the optimists –bewildering types who grin and push for a bright future in the face of insurmountable evidence to the contrary. They have no time for doubters – as though doubt is a disease, or evil, or at least a slippery slope. They loudly […]