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Horoscope Forecast 12-18 April 2021

With the lucky Mars/Jupiter trine, the week ahead looks full of positive potential for active Aries, ‘out there’ Gemini, sassy Sagittarians and adventurous Aquarians.  However, with Pluto square Venus, the Sun and Mercury, this may be more dramatic and complicated for Taurus, Libra, Leo, Virgo and especially Scorpio. We had a new moon on Monday […]

Horoscope – Week Ending April 11th

This week with the sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries, and a sextile from mars, Jupiter and Saturn, expect to be creative, romantic and social.  The late week New Moon in Aries on Sunday night has the potential to set you on a dynamic new path, dust off those dreams and heartfelt desires, the time […]

The Asrotrolgic Horoscope – Week ending April 4th

This week the Venus/Saturn/Sun connection will boost responsibility and productivity and the Mercury/Neptune conjunction will increase your imagination and intuition so there should be plenty of potential to be creative and constructive, so make the most of it while this interesting connection of planets lasts. The next new moon is 12 April in Aries If […]

Horoscope Forecast 22-28 March 2021

This week the Sun and Venus make a connection in Aries and there’s a Full Moon in Libra on Sunday night.  This week is all about getting the balance right between your own needs and the needs of those around you. This week also, the spotlight is especially on Libra; any projects or endeavours you’ve […]

Horoscope Forecast 15 – 21 March 2021

This week powerful Pluto will connect with the Sun and Venus; Mercury moves into gentle Pisces; the Sun shifts into Aries and we celebrate the Equinox. There are 2 per year and this auspicious time is an opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate. Out with the old and in with the new. Try to keep it […]

Horoscope Forecast 8- 14 March 2021

This week the Sun and Venus connect with dreamy Neptune and there’s a New Moon in Pisces on Saturday. Prepare for a week of magical creativity, intriguing mystery, potential misunderstandings and the possibility of a new romance. The next new moon will be 13 March in Pisces If you know your rising sign or moon […]

Horoscope Forecast Feb 29 – Mar 7 2021

This week Venus in Pisces connects with quirky Uranus; Mars moves into sociable Gemini; and master of communication Mercury joins forces with larger than life Jupiter. Prepare yourself for a busy week, especially socially, when many people will feel a strong need to connect and communicate with others The next new moon will be 13 […]

Astrologic Horoscope Feb 22nd-28th

Thank goodness Mercury has resumed its direct motion and the Sun is enjoying its journey in perceptive Pisces plus there’s a Full Moon’s in practical Virgo on the weekend. In the next few days your imagination and discerning focus will take you far. The next full moon will be this Saturday 27 Feb in Virgo […]

Astrologic Horoscope Feb 15th -21

This week there will be a disruptive and frustrating Saturn/Uranus square, the status quo will be questioned, and rigid patterns of behaviour will be broken down. Ask yourself, what area of your life needs a radical makeover? Try to get the balance right between responsibilities to others and your personal freedom. This Thursday the Sun […]

Astrologic Horoscope Feb 8-14th 2021

This week there’s a New Moon in innovative Aquarius. It’s time to get a start on all of those creative, inspirational projects or take action with that innovative idea you’ve been considering. Chinese New Year starts this week, we are also celebrating that most romantic of days, Valentine’s Day and yes Mercury is still retrograde. […]