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The MPNFL Brief 6th August 2022

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The Brief is back for the week and in Round 17  for Division 1 and Division 2, the collective sphincters are suitably tightened, in what is going to be an outrageously good run home.


Bonbeach vs Frankston Bombers

The Bombers, Sorrento and Pines are essentially playing two elimination finals in a row now as the fight for fifth is seperated by just half a game, anytime those teams play, it’s a huge game.

Bonbeach are playing some really nice footy and look entrenched in the five, but with this game and Dromana left, anything can happen.

For Bonbeach last week, Mitch Gent was astounding, with 32 disposals, ten tackles, nine clearances, seven inside 50’s, five rebounds and five marks.

Trent Dennis-Lane kicked 7.2 out of Bonbeach’s 8.9 which is both an incredible feat and proof that Bonbeach really need to spread the love around when it comes to scoring.

Tyson Milne was the other goal-kicker, with 34 disposals, eleven marks, ten clearances, six inside 50’s and the goal.

For the Bombers in their two point loss, it was the same handful of performers for the Bombers, starting with Alex Harnett’s 28 disposals, nine clearances, eight tackles, seven inside 50’s and a goal.

Sam Fox was terrific with his 34 disposals, ten marks, eight inside 50’s and four marks, whilst Dale Sutton had 21 touches (only the five kicks) and 13 clearances.

However, as per usual, the rucks dominated. Harry Prior had 38 hit-outs, five clearances, four marks and tackles, whilst Khan Haretuku had 27 disposals, 23 hit-outs, eight clearances and six marks. Should’ve finished his good work but kicked 0.3.

One of the hardest games to predict here but Bonbeach are the better side at the end of the day so they’re the go.

Daz tips: Bonbeach

AJ tips:Bonbeach

Sus tips: Bonbeach

Red Hill vs Pines

The Pines escaped with a five point win over Rosebud (the second time they’ve escaped after a two point win earlier in the season) last week and can’t afford to lose a game, with this and Mt Eliza to come.

For Red Hill, they can ruin Pines’ season and after a two point win over the Bombers, they absolutely can.

In that Dons victory, Harry Larwill had 26 touches (only one handball), a dozen rebounds and seven marks down back, whilst Jake Di Pasquale had 15 touches, five marks and 3.2 up forward.

James Fletcher was unbelievable with his 30 touches, ten tackles, five clearances, four rebounds, four inside 50’s and four marks.

The other hero on the day was Angus Hicks, who had 32 disposals, eight marks, five clearances, four rebounds, tackles and 1.1.

For Pines in that win, Shane Savage was at his damaging best, with 30 disposals, six rebound 50’s, five inside 50’s, five clearances, four marks and a couple of goals.

Russell Gabriel continues to be a premier ruckman, with 30 hit-outs, 19 disposals, eight marks and a goal.

Red Hill were slightly helped by the Dons kicking 5.15 and Pines can struggle against lower sides but they need to keep their season alive and they will.

Daz tips: Pines

AJ tips: Pines

Sus tips: Pines

Mt Eliza vs Dromana

The Battery World Mornington Match of the Day sees RPP FM head to Mt Eliza to see second take on fourth in a much win game for Dromana.

In Mt Eliza’s 51 point win last week, Fraser Phillips was the potent forward, kicking 4.1 from six marks and Max Mourney kicked three from 27 hit-outs and five marks.

Thomas Kelly (23 touches, five rebounds, four masks and two goals) and Nathan Scagliarini (22 touches, eight clearances, five inside 50’s, four rebounds, four tackles and went at 77%.

The best man on the ground was Finlay Bayne, who had 31 disposals, 13 clearances, nine inside 50’s and 1.3.

For Dromana, welcome back Billy’s!

Quigley had himself a day out, with 34 touches, six inside 50’s, six marks, four clearances, four tackles and two goals.

Guerts had 26 disposals, 47 hit-outs, seven marks, seven clearances, four tackles and 153 fantasy points but the best man on the ground was Dean Waugh.

The silky half back had 26 kicks for 29 disposals, nine marks, nine rebounds and four tackles, whilst given an elite amount of space to operate.

This is set to be an absolute corker and as much as Dromana have been a good side throughout the year, Mt Eliza can solidify their spot in second for the finals and should do.

Daz tips: Mt Eliza

AJ tips:Mt Eliza

Sus tips: Mt Eliza

YRosebud vs Edithvale-Aspendale

In a game that will decide the bottom team and relegation, both teams have got a lot of pride on offer in this one.

Rosebud were really improved last week and like welcoming back the Billy’s from Dromana, welcome back, Liam McKenna!

The star midfielder had himself 37 disposals, a dozen clearances, six marks, five inside 50’s and a goal.

Reid Nanscawen picked up 23 touches, eight clearances and five inside 50’s, while ruckman Matthew Cumming had 24 hit-outs, five tackles, four marks and a goal.

For Edi-Asp, if there’s any worry my man Kurt Lo Po wouldn’t feature, he put together 26 disposals, seven clearances, six inside 50’s and six tackles, along with a goal.

Michael Meehan was another great performer, with 27 touches, ten rebounds; six marks and 1.2.

Rosebud’s form sees them being close to a win, whilst Edith-Aspen look a touch away from it so that’ll decide it.

Daz tips: Rosebud

AJ tips: Rosebud

Sus tips: Rosebud

Frankston YCW vs Sorrento

Who’s catching the Stonecats?

The question that is plaguing Division 1 at the moment is how anyone is catching the best team in the land and Sorrento have an uphill battle, only kicking 26 points last week.

There were no real winners for the Sharks, but in the midfield, Shannon Gladman, Mitch Hallahan and Zach Byrns all had four clearances, whilst Kyle Dunkley had seven tackles in his club debut.

For YCW, Josh Patullo kicked a handful of goals to be the biggest threat up forward, whilst Luke Paynter had eight rebounds and eight marks, amongst 26 disposals.

Luca Goonan had a Sam Berry from Adelaide type performance with 21 disposals, 14 tackles, six inside 50’s, four clearances and a goal.

Shoutout to Kaiya Deas who features for the first time, with 21 touches, six clearances, five inside 50’s and two goals.

I’ll answer the question raised earlier and I don’t know who’s catching the Stonecats.

Don’t think it’s Sorrento though, this week.

Daz tips: YCW

AJ tips: YCW

Sus tips: YCW

Division 2 – Round 17


Karingal vs Chelsea

Chelsea are sitting fifth, with just percentage off third and a game off sixth, so when you’re up against second on the ladder with those permutations, the term “must win” becomes a factual overstatement.

In their 17 point win, David Barton had himself 39 disposals, ten clearances, eight marks, seven tackles, five inside 50’s and helped out down back, having three rebounds.

Todd Gardiner was again a star, having 36 touches, nine clearances, nine tackles, six marks and kicked 1.2.

Matt Baxter kicked 2.3 and that inaccuracy needs to stop and Bradley Clark was more than solid down back, with 27 disposals, seven rebounds; five makes and four inside 50’s.

Home side Karingal are coming off a good win last week, with Riley D’Arcy kicking 5.1 from eight marks and Darcy Hope had 24 touches, 13 marks and seven inside 50’s, whilst kicking 2.2.

Josh Bradley had 21 touches, seven clearances, six tackles, five inside 50’s, four marks and a goal, while Seth Kelly and Sam Glenn both kicked three goals.

Normally I’m a man of “take the team who needs to win, more than the one who wants to”.

However, both need to and Chelsea are one of the more inaccurate teams in the competition so I’ll take Karingal.

Daz tips: Karingal

AJ tips: Karingal

Sus tips: Karingal


Devon Meadows vs Crib Point

Crib Point should’ve beaten Tyabb and kept Chelsea to just a 17 point game in their last fortnight and they get a really good test in Devon Meadows on Saturday.

For Meadows last week, the top end talent for Devon Meadows went absolutely bonkers, led by Nick Battle’s 41 disposals, 11 clearances, 10 marks, seven inside 50’s, seven tackles, five rebounds and 1.1.

Jamie Plumridge (36 disposals, 12 marks and a goal) and Brandon White (six marks, four inside 50’s and 4.4) were spectacular.

However, the case to be made that Joel Hillis is the best performer of both divisions, with 26 disposals, eight marks, six inside 50’s, four clearances, four rebounds and four tackles, while also kicking 6.2!

For the Magpies, Warwick Miller continued his forward/ruck role, kicking 3.2 with 14 hit-outs and the ball winners for the Magpies were very good.

Jayden McNabb (29 touches, a goal, nine rebounds and six marks at 72%), Cooper Wisken (21 disposals, six clearances, six inside 50’s, five tackles and five rebounds) and Jett Bauer (nine clearances, five tackles and four marks) were the main men.

There’s a hope that Crib Point can keep it close but it’s so difficult to see how they can beat a flying Meadows team.

Daz tips: Devon Meadows

AJ tips: Devon

Sus tips: Devon


Pearcedale vs Hastings

Pearcedale’s youth are struggling to run out the season and look unlikely to make the top five, solidified by a 39 point loss to Somerville last week.

Cruiz West and Luke Daniel were the threats up forward, but 2.3 each were not just reward and when you kick 7.16, have four less scoring shots and lose by six and a half goals, it’s a huge problem.

Jake Frawley once again proved he’s one of the better defenders in the league, having 34 disposals, 13 rebounds and five marks.

Archie McGuiness (29 touches, eight clearances, seven inside 50’s, seven tackles and a goal) and Kaolan Thornton (26 touches and ten clearances) were the main ball winners.

For Hastings in their six goal loss, Jake Hewitt is putting his hand up as one of the most featured players in the Brief in its (brief – pun very intended) history, with another 25 touches, eight marks, eight clearances, five inside 50’s, four tackles and rebounds.

Taylor Stratton was enormous with 44 touches at 72% efficiency, with 13 marks! Michael Bezzene was also fantastic, with 17 touches, seven tackles and six marks.

If Pearcedale lose, we know they’re absolutely not ready but with a win, the level of intrigue rises.

Bring on the intrigue!

Daz tips: Pearcedale

AJ tips: Pearcedale

Sus tips: Hastings

Langwarrin vs Rye

The same question about Frankston YCW but the answer is even more boggling; who’s catching the ladder leader?

In their 46 point win to Mornington, Matt Naughton’s fine form continued with 72 hit-outs, seven clearances, four inside 50’s and a goal, whilst Josh Dormer kicked 4.1 from a dozen disposals.

Zach Andrewartha is back in the Brief, with 30 disposals, eight clearances, four inside 59’s and a goal, whilst Mark Baguley had 23 touches, eight tackles, eight inside 50’s, seven clearances, 1.2 and Josh Bateman had 27, eight inside 50’s, five clearances and four tackles.

For Rye, they’re a different unit on the road but the 35 point win last week is really encouraging.

Matty Hill was outstanding (as per usual) for the Demons, having 32 touches at 75%, with eight clearances, seven inside 50’s and four rebounds, whilst Campbell Robbins had a really balanced performance, with 24 touches, seven marks, five clearances, five marks and goal.

Don’t think we forgot Andrew Dean, who kicked another five and took the mick out of another game of footy but kicking 7.14 without him is encouraging, even with the inaccuracy.

Like the Stone Cats, no one’s catching Langwarrin and Rye definitely aren’t.

Daz tips: Langwarrin

AJ tips: Langwarrin

Sus tips: Really

Mornington vs Tyabb

Neither side can make the five but pride is certainly on the line with this one.

For Mornington last week against Langwarrin, the Bulldogs had a quartet of unreal performances, led by Perry Lewis-Smith.

“PLS” was dominant with 44 disposals, nine marks, nine inside 50’s, seven clearances, five rebounds, four tackles and 2.2, equating to 184 fantasy points.

Adrian Speedy had 45 touches of his own, with nine clearances, seven marks, five inside 50’s and 2.1.

Josh Newman (26 touches, nine tackles, seven clearances, six inside 50’s, five marks and 1.2) and Nathan Heath (30 touches, seven clearances and a goal) were also very good.

For Tyabb, they suffered a big loss but Corey Buchan’s performance in an eleven goal loss needs to be commended, with 38 disposals, 12 rebounds, nine clearances and seven marks.

Brock Regan had 28 touches, ten marks, seven clearances and 2.1, while Kyle Hurlstone kicked five goals and had five tackles.

Mornington’s class should ring too good here in a “what if” season.

Daz tips: Mornington

AJ tips: Mornington

Sus tips: Mornington

Somerville vs Seaford

These two sides are on the opposite ends of the form spectrum last week, with Somerville beating Pearcedale by 39 points and Seaford losing by 77 points.

For Somerville, Ben Sedgwick kicked four to be the main man up forward and Tommy Roberts had 50 hit-outs in the ruck to set up the game.

Nick Mason had 27 touches, five rebounds, two goals and five tackles, Jake Haskett had 25 disposals at 84% and Kane McKenzie had 22 touches, six marks and a goal to be amongst the best.

For Seaford, a team who want finals losing by 77 points is not okay at all but Joel Filippone was unbelievable.

The star mid had 28 disposals, 13 clearances, eight tackles, six marks, four inside 50’s; a goal and 173 fantasy points.

Give me the form side, especially given the discrepancy of last week,

Daz tips: Somerville

AJ tips: Somerville

Sus tips: Seaford



Written by: Peter

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