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The MPNFL Brief 23rd July 2022

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The Brief 

Division 1 

Bonbeach vs Pines 

The Pines felt heartbreak last week with a two point loss, whereas Bonbeach are knocking on the door of a top two spot, sitting third with just percentage as the gap between them. 

In a remarkable win on the weekend, Mitch Gent was outstanding for Bonbeach. 

He had 25 touches, ten clearances, five inside 50’s, four marks and three tackles.

Owen Hulett in the ruck was terrific with 22 hit-outs, 17 disposals, five marks, four inside 50;s, three rebounds and clearances, whilst Sam Gilbert kicked two goals from 24 disposals, seven clearances, six tackles and four inside 50’s.

The best for Bonbeach though was Jackson Casey, who had 17 contested possessions amongst 36 disposals (27 handballs), eleven tackles, ten clearances, six marks and four inside 50’s.   

The Pines welcomed back Shane Savage and Russell Gabriel last week and they were both amongst the best for the Cobras.

Gabriel had 30 hit-outs, 20 disposals, 10 clearances, eight tackles, five marks and kicked a goal, for 171 fantasy points.

Savage was welcomed back with 25 disposals, five inside 50’s, four clearances and a goal and Nic Boswell had 24 disposals, a dozen rebounds, four inside 50’s and four marks.

The local for Daz is the Pines and they’re on their last legs but Bonbeach are the superior side and should get it done at home. 

Daz tips: Bonbeach 

AJ tips:Bonbeach

Sus tips:Bonbeach

Frankston Bombers vs Dromana 

What a week for these two football clubs! 

The Bombers kept their season alive with a two point win over Pines and Dromana sit fourth with just 0.26% separating them and Sorrento. 

For the Dons, Alex Harnett was the best for an inaccurate Bombers, having 30 disposals, nine clearances, seven inside 50’s and five tackles to be a thorn for Pines.

Jarryd Amalfi (24 touches, ten rebounds and four marks), Ryan Marks-Logan (18 touches and a dozen one percent acts), Sam Fox (20 touches, seven tackles, six inside 50’s and 1.2) and Jason Kingsbury (16 disposals, six tackles, five clearances, four marks and a couple of goals) were all terrific.

The ruckmen also need a mention, as per usual but the quality of their play is undeniable.

Khan Haretuku took five marks (four contested) and kicked 2.2 amongst a dozen hit-outs and Harry Prior had 31 hit-outs, five tackles and four clearances.

For the boys at Dromana – for the umpteenth time – the Guerts and Billy Quigley were dominant and oh boy were they dominant.

The ruckman Billy Guerts, had 78 hit-outs(!), 30 disposals, 15 clearances, seven marks, five tackles and four inside 50’s. As a ruckmen.

Billy Quigley had 45 disposals, 14 clearances, nine marks, four tackles and four inside 50’s, Sam Guerts had 38 disposals, nine clearances, six marks, five inside 50;s and four rebounds, Jai Taylor had 30 disposals and eight inside 50’s, whilst Dean Waugh had 24 disposals at 75%, along with six rebounds.

It’s not often a home team are the outsiders and the Dons may have been struggling just a fraction but I’m backing them in to get the job done. 

Daz tips: Frankston Bombers 

AJ tips:Frankston Bombers

Sus tips: Dromana

Rosebud vs Frankston YCW 

Rosebud are playing some okay footy for a poor side overall and they’ll get the best test in the entire competition, with the Stonecats dominating. 

For Rosebud, Reid Nanscawen was the best in a four and a half goal loss, having 25 disposals, six clearances, four marks and three tackles.

Fletcher Hustwaite kicked half of Rosebud’s goals with four and Robbie Bos had eight tackles to be a part of the best players.

The Stonecats were good last week, there are teams that good teams have that are all about a team mentality. Every player is doing their part and the puzzle pieces fall into place, whereas some wins can happen by a couple of players dragging them over the line.

This win was a drag effort by Brenton Lambert and Blake Mullane.

Mullane had 30 disposals, seven clearances and seven inside 50’s to always be taking territory and Lambert had 25 disposals, seven inside 50’s, seven tackles, five clearances and two goals, to tear Red Hill apart.

This is a pretty easy game to tip and barring the upset to end all upsets, the Stonecats should get the job done. 

Daz tips: Frankston YCW 

AJ tips:Frankston YCW

Sus tips:Frankston YCW

Sorrento vs Mt Eliza 

This is going to be an absolute rip-snorter of a contest. 

Sorrento found their goalposts after a comical showing that they had gone missing but lost by seven points, while Mt Eliza were okay in a 27 point win. 

For Sorrento, Daniel Hughes and Curtis Bywater were the forward threats all day, kicking seven between them.

With the ball, Myles Poholke had 29 touches, seven marks and six rebounds, whilst Charlie Stokes had 32 and four tackles..

Shannon Gladman was also outstanding, with 24 touches, nine clearances and a goal.

Mt Eliza v Daz continues to be the biggest rivalry on the Peninsula, but on the weekend, they were very good. 

Whomever has told Finlay Bayne that the Brief can’t be made without him, tell him i said thank you.

He had another 30 disposals, eight clearances, seven inside 50’s and a goal, whilst Declan Cole, Nathan Scagliarini and Fraser Phillips were all terrific.

Cole had 19 disposals, ten tackles, six clearances and four inside 50’s, Phillips had 19 as well, five inside 50’s and three goals, whilst Scagliarini had 21 touches, five clearances, inside 50;s and tackles in a good win.

The opening of the competition would be immense with a Sorrento win, and I’m backing it to happen. 

Daz tips: Sorrento 

AJ tips:Mt Eliza

Sus tips: Mt Eliza (Lock)

Red Hill vs Edithvale-Aspendale 

These two teams kicked a combined 8.16.64 last week in a combined 53 point loss across their two games so it is going to be the battle of the worst form team. 

In Red Hill’s loss, there was some top end talent with some top end performances on the weekend for Red Hill.

James Fletcher had 30 disposals, seven marks, five clearances and a goal, Danny Allsop had 28 disposals and eight clearances, Marcus Dal Lago had 27, eight rebounds and four marks, Harry Larwill had 21 touches, nine rebounds and six marks, and Harry Wynn-Pope had 40 hit-outs and seven clearances.

For Edith/Aspen, Steven Mannix was the best, , having 21 disposals, five clearances, four marks and inside 50’s, whilst Angus Macquire had 24, eight clearances and four tackles.

Kurt Lo Po missed a mention and I’m backing him in to get a best on ground this week, in a win! 

Daz tips: Edith/Aspen 

AJ tips: Red Hill

Sus tips: Red Hill

Division 2 

Hastings vs Chelsea 

Chelsea has left second on the ladder slip from their grasp with a poor showing against Langwarrin but were better against Tyabb. 

In that game, Jake Spasevski put in an amazing performance, with 48 hit-outs, five marks, five tackles and four clearances, along with two goals.

He had support from Todd Gardiner (39 disposals, ten clearances, seven tackles, five inside 50’s and three goals) and David Barton (41 disposals, ten inside 50’s, seven tackles, six clearances, five marks and a goal) in a big way with a couple of big performances.

Hastings just couldn’t score last week but Luke Hewett was the best of a poor performance, having 28 disposals, eleven marks, four clearances and flour inside 50’s.

Aaron Vinson had himself 25 touches, eight marks and seven rebounds but the lack of pressure meant the ball was down there a lot.

Chelsea’s top five hopes rest on being able to win these types of games and they should get it done. 

Daz tips: Chelsea 

AJ tips:Chelsea

Sus tips: Chelsea

Tyabb vs Crib Point

The Yabbies have got a home game against the bottom side in the Battery World Mornington Match of the Day. 

Last week, they went down by 28 points but Corey Buchan had a brilliant game, with 30 disposals, eight rebounds, seven marks and 126 fantasy points.

Jarryd Buchan had 22 disposals, five tackles and kicked a goal, while William Hose had 21 disposals, five marks and five inside 50’s

For the Magpies, Cooper Wisken led his side magnificently with 26 disposals, seven clearances and four marks in a remarkable win and Jett Bauer had 22 touches, seven clearances, four inside 50’s, four tackles and a goal.

Warwick Miller was the king of the crop up forward with 3.2 and looking dangerous in every contest.

Neither side have played great football but both thinking they can win should bring out the best of them. 

Daz tips: Tyabb

AJ tips: Crib Point

Sus tips: Tyabb

Devon Meadows vs Somerville 

No one’s gotten closer to Langwarrin than Devon Meadows last week and they were fantastic for three quarters. 

Nick Battle was the best four quarter performer for the Meadows, having 29 disposals, seven clearances, six inside 50’s, six tackles, four rebounds and 1.3.

Brandon White had an insanely good second half and finished with 31 touches, seven rebounds, five marks, four clearances, four inside 50’s and three goals. 

For Somerville, their season is spiralling out of control. 

Nick Mason was the best for the Eagles, with 32 disposals, eight rebounds and eight marks.

Jake Haskett collected 30 disposals with five marks, four inside 50’s and a goal, while Lachie Williams had 28, nine clearances, six marks, four tackles and four rebounds.

Daz tips: Devon Meadows 

AJ tips:Devon Meadows

Sus tips: Devon Meadows

Karingal vs Rye 

Rye are being thorns in team’s sides in the run home, shown last week by their ten point win over Seaford last week. 

Nic Strickland was dominant down back, with a dozen marks, dozen rebounds and ten intercept possessions.

Matt Hill had 23 disposals, eight marks and seven clearances, while forward dynamo Andrew Dean kicked a half dozen goals to establish himself as the forward king. 

Adam Kirkwood was the king of territory, having 11 inside 50’s, seven clearances, four marks and kicked a goal, but the best was Jarrod Richards, who had 37 disposals, 18 rebound 50’s and 11 marks in a dominant performance down back.

For Karingal, they’re still in the realm of finals, sitting fourth but with a worse percentage than fifth and sixth, while being a game ahead. 

Last week, Dale Alanis had 34 disposals, five clearances and two goals to be the best for Karingal but he had some elite help.

Riley D’Arcy had 27 touches, five marks and 3.4, Sam Glenn had 21, seven clearances and five inside 50’s, Darcy Hope had six marks, six inside 50’s and two goals, while Jordan Smale kicked 3.2.

This is a real danger game for Karingal but I’m backing them in to get the job done and put the pressure on Somerville and Pearcedale. 

Daz tips: Karingal 

AJ tips:Karingal

Sus tips: Karingal

Langwarrin vs Seaford 

If there was ever a time a side is needing to bounce back, Seaford need it right now. 

Their fixture on the ride home isn’t fantastic so dropping the game against Rye was a disaster. 

In that loss, Macklin Raine had a dominant day in the ruck department.

The big man finished with 73 hit-outs, 20 disposals, ten clearances, seven inside 50’s, four marks and 2.1 to be a dominant force.

Ishak Bashir and Joel Filippone were also terrific, with Bashir having 34 disposals, 13 clearances, five inside 50’s and five tackles, while Filippone had 30 touches, twelve clearances, nine inside 50’s and 2.1.

Langwarrin are sitting 13-0 and don’t look like losing anytime soon. 

The Man of the Match for the Battery World Mornington Match Of the Day Blake Peach was simply terrific, with 28 disposals with only two turnovers in poor conditions.

He also had nine clearances, four tackles and a goal for 130 fantasy points.

Teammate Zach Andrewartha had 39 disposals but 13 of them were turnovers but he was imperative in clearances, with 15 of them.

He also laid ten tackles and had 25 contested possessions.

The big difference in the first half was Matthew Peynonberg, who kicked four of Langwarrin’s first six goals and had another taken off him with a fantastic decision by the goal umpire.

Unlike Master Sussovich who is tipping against Langwarrin until they lose, I’ll stand by my principles and tip the better side. 

Daz tips: Langwarrin 

AJ tips:Langwarrin

Sus tips:Langwarrin

Pearcedale vs Mornington 

Vossy still believes Mornington can make finals and a win here would really make that pipe dream come true. 

Sitting two games back from fifth, there is still a small hope that they can finish fifth and they have sixth placed Pearcedale to contend with. 

Pearcedale’s youth are struggling to keep up with the finals contenders, especially with no Ryan Bastinac. 

Last week in that disastrous loss. Jake Frawley stood up magnificently, with 31 disposals, 16 marks and ten rebounds, whilst Archie McGuiness had 27, ten clearances, six inside 50’s, five marks and a goal, while Kaolan Thornton had ten clearances also.

For Mornington, it was one of the wins of the season, Adrian Speedy was the dominant man of the day, with 33 disposals, nine clearances, six inside 50’s, six marks and kicking 2.4.

Perry Lewis-Smith also had 33, five clearances, five inside 50’s and four marks, whilst Nathan Heath’s 24 disposals, seven clearances and 2.1, Trent Attard’s 21 touches, seven clearances and six marks, Matthew Caine’s eight rebounds,and six marks, Harry Bould’s 26 disposals and seven clearances and Riley Welsh’s 42 hit-outs and seven clearances were all imperative to an amazing victory.

They also had Jimmy Cameron up forward being dangerous, kicking four.

This is a genuinely good contest but I’m giving Pearcedale one more chance. 

Daz tips: Pearcedale 

AJ tips:Pearcedale

Sus tips: Mornington

Written by: Peter

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