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MPNFL Brief 18th June 2022

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Round 10 Preview 

Division 1: 

Bonbeach vs Edithvale/Aspendale

Bonbeach are starting to make some waves and sit at 5-4 but a percentage of 107.91 is a very encouraging sign. 

Edith/Aspen are languishing at 9th on the ladder and have an opportunity to disrupt a few seasons on the way home. 

In Bonbeach’s 13 point win last week, there was one thing made abundantly clear: The Bonbeach Football Club officially have themselves a big three. 

Up forward, Trent Dennis-Lane had himself a day out, with 7.2 from a dozen disposals and six marks. 

In the midfield, Jackson Casey was the epitome of everywhere, with 35 disposals at 74%, eight clearances, eight tackles, seven inside 50’s, six rebound 50’s and five marks, along with 177 fantasy points. 

Utility Sam Gilbert also had a bunch of it, with 35 himself, along with eight clearances and five inside 50’s, but ten turnovers cost him a truly magnificent game. 

Those three gentlemen are the difference between a poor season and being a premiership caliber team. 

Before I even start writing the Brief, I know if Edi/Asp are featuring, so will Kurt Lo Po. 

27 kicks amongst his 32 possessions and that went with a dozen marks, nine inside 50’s, six clearances and unfortunately for the lad, 0.3. 

Seems to be the only thing missing from his game. 

He was aptly supported by Trent Robertson (26 touches, eleven marks and seven rebounds), Steven Mannix (28 touches, eleven clearances and five marks) and Mark Mullins (27 touches, eight rebounds and five marks). 

Bonbeach have got to go into this one as the team to beat and should get the job done. 

Daz tips: Bonbeach

AJ tips: Bonbeach

Sus tips: Bonbeach

Frankston Bombers vs Mt Eliza 

This is the Battery World Mornington Match of the Day for a reason; 3rd v 5th but only a percentage differential on the ladder.

My Eliza needed the bye more than a starving man needs a home cooked meal, given they’ve lost their last couple and need a reset, whilst the Bombers have won their last four. 

For the Bombers before the bye, Jarrod Grant was the chief up forward, kicking 4.1 from 16 disposals and five marks.

Harry Prior was dominant in the ruck, with 39 hit-outs, seven clearances, 17 disposals and four tackles. 

Sam Fox had himself 27 touches, eight inside 50’s, six marks, inside 50’s and four tackles, whilst Jarryd Amalfi had 24 touches, an incredible thirteen rebounds and eleven one-percenters. 

Meanwhile, not many can top the contested performance of Jason Kingsbury. 

25 disposals (of which 16 were contested), ten tackles (six one-percenters, five clearances and two goals read his day. Talk about needing an ice bath. 

For Mt Eliza last week, Nathan Scagliarini had 36 touches, a dozen clearances, six inside 50’s, four marks and 118 fantasy points. 

Finlay Bayne had 35, ten clearances, four marks and inside 50’s, but both men had nine turnovers, which was the blemish of the day. 

Thomas Kelly had himself another game, with 31, eight rebounds, four marks, four inside 50’s and kicked a goal. 

Tom Small’s pressure was excellent, with seven one-percenters and five tackles, along with 24 touches, eight marks and kicking a goal. 

Good luck picking a winner here but given Mt Eliza have burned me in the past, I’m going with the Bombers and they are at home. 

Daz tips: Frankston Bombers 

AJ tips:Frankston Bombers

Sus tips: Frankston Bombers

Frankston YCW vs Pines 

If there was a team who would’ve paid to keep the season going (given their form), it would’ve been Pines. 

After a two point win over Rosebud, the Pines lost to Red Hill but their last fortnight has been terrific, with wins over Sorrento and Mt Eliza (by a combined 78 points). 

In that Mt Eliza win, no Pines player had over 22 touches and only Harrison Sinclair-Stanley kicked multiple goals with two. 

Shane Savage was the best, with 22 touches, six inside 50’s and rebounds, along with four clearances and marks. 

Jonathon Haidon also had himself a day, with 22 of his own, with six clearances, five inside 50’s and five tackles. 

Was an all round fantastic effort, with everyone playing their role in their win of the season.

YCW are clearly the No.1 side and can’t afford to take that foot off the pedal but they do look the better team. 

Last week, they had a 44 point win and Zach Barrett was good in the ruck with his 26 hit-outs and there was a good spread of goal-kickers, with five players kicking multiple goals. 

Blake Mullane was the chief midfielder, gathering a handful of clearances amongst 26 disposals, five clearances, five inside 50’s, four marks and a goal. 

Luke Paynter was also strong, with 25 of his own touches, nine rebounds, eight marks and was strong on the outside of the contest. . 

Pines may be Daz’s local but YCW are the best team in the competition, so the tip becomes obvious. 

Daz tips: Frankston YCW 

AJ tips: Frankston YCW

Sus tips: Frankston YCW

Division 2: 

Pearcedale vs Chelsea 

Division 2 begins with an absolute corker, with a rebounding Pearcedale taking on a much improved Chelsea. 

In a game sparked with controversy (headlined by Ryan Bastinac needing half a dozen stitches), Bastinac was the dominant force. 

He finished with 36 disposals, fourteen clearances, seven inside 50’s, four tackles and 143 fantasy points. 

Brother Jordan was also very good, with 27 touches, seven marks, five tackles, and kicked two crucial goals. 

Jake Frawley (25 touches and ten rebounds), Luke Settineri (13 touches, ten tackles, eight masks and a goal) and Huw Jones (28 hitouts and four tackles) were all very good contributors. 

For Chelsea, David Barton just keeps on keeping on in 2022, having himself another BOG performance. 

His day read 32 disposals, thirteen clearances, nine tackles, seven marks and a goal, with 167 fantasy points. 

Jackson Arthur and Jake Spasevski had a combined 83 hit-outs and seven clearances, whilst Todd Gardiner had 22 touches, six tackles and clearances. 

Jesse Davies impacted greatly as well, having 23 disposals, six marks, five tackles and clearances, along with two goals and 113 fantasy points. 

I think Pearcedale can bounce back strongly after getting a footballing lesson pre-bye and Chelsea aren’t their usual selves on the road. 

Daz tips: Pearcedale 

AJ tips:Pearcedale

Sus tips: Chelsea

Crib Point vs Mornington 

It hasn’t been a season to remember for the Magpies, who languish down the bottom and Mornington sit 3-6 and needing to go on a run. 

If the Bulldogs want to make the most extraordinary of late season runs, this is just a game they just have to win. 

In their ten goal win, Mornington dominated all over the park as a team and their top end talent were great all day. 

Adrian Speedy had 37 touches (24 contested), an incredible 15 clearances, eight inside 50’s and six marks, along with 158 fantasy points. 

Nathan Heath had 32 touches, eight marks, six clearances, five tackles and went at 84% efficiency. 

Riley Welsh (40 hitouts, six marks and a goal), Tyler Hobson (19 disposals, six marks and rebounds), William Lewis (23 touches, nine inside 50’s, six marks and three goals) and Matthew Caine (23 touches, four marks and 86% efficiency) were all terrific. 

For the Magpies, Cooper Wisken had 23 disposals, six marks, six clearances, five tackles and 116 fantasy points.

Nicholas Rutherford had himself six tackles and five clearances, whilst Miles Sheppard had eight masks. 

It is legitimately impossible to tip Crib Point until they have a win so the spoiler alert is in full effect. 

Daz tips: Mornington 

AJ tips: Mornington

Sus tips: Mornington

Langwarrin vs Hastings 

Some teams treat the bye like a fresh start with some poor form, whilst some teams treat the bye with some contempt if they’ve gone on a mini run. 

When you’re 9-0 and have a percentage of 214, it’s purely a chance to rejuvenate and keep dominating the competition, as Langwarrin are going to continue to do. 

Against Pearcedale, Man of the Match Blake Peach was a contested beast all day, along with his 22 touches, eleven clearances, five inside 50’s and a goal to earn thst right.

He was well backed up by Zach Andrewartha, who was around the ball day with 42 disposals, nine clearances, six inside 50’s, six marks and a couple of goals. 

The other dominant player was Blake Pullen, who had 20 disposals, seven tackles, five clearances and kicked a goal. 

It was a trident of excellence for Hastings, who need more from the bototm end of their squad, which resulted in a ten goal loss. 

Taylor Stratton is the middle tine of the trident, with 34 touches (16 contested), seven clearances, six rebounds, four inside 50’s and a goal. 

The outer tines of the trident belong to the Hewitt brothers, who were both fantastic. 

Luke had 26 disposals, nine inside 50’s, seven marks, three clearances and rebounds, whilst Jake had 27 touches, ten marks, nine clearances, four rebounds and 1.2.

For the same principle but opposite logic, it’s impossible to tip against Langwarrin until they lose a game, and Hastings aren’t good enough to knock this team over. 

Daz tips: Langwarrin 

AJ tips:Langwarrin

Sus tips:Langwarrin

Somerville vs Karingal 

3rd v 7th mightn’t sound like the most exciting game on the calendar but Somerville have been a touch up and down and Karingal look like one of the best improvers. 

Somerville went on an inconsistent run pre-bye but dominated last week, even though they kicked 15.21. 

Daniel Marshall (3.1 from 17 touches and seven tackles), Liam Gruar (20 touches, ten clearances and four tackles) and Ben Sedgwich (2.5 from 16 touches and five marks) were solid contributors. 

Jake Haskett was dominant in the midfield, with 34 disposals, seven marks, six clearances, six inside and rebound 50’s, whilst Lachlan Williams was ultra damaging forward of stoppage, with 31 touches, eight inside 50’s, five tackles, four clearances and four marks. 

However, can anyone go past Tommy Roberts?

A lazy 71 hit-outs came from the big ruckman and when Somerville went +11 in clearances and +18 inside 50’s, he was dominant. 

For Karingal, Dale Alanis played a lone hand in their seven and a half goal loss. 

16 contested possessions read his day amongst 31 disposals, an insane 16 clearances, seven tackles, five inside 50’s and 137 fantasy points. 

Laughlin Cowell had himself 15 hitouts, ten one percenters and three rebounds, whilst Corey Battams and Josh Bradley had half a dozen clearances each. 

Although they’ve been a touch inconsistent, some good form pre-bye and the talent on the park has Somerville out in front for Daz. 

Daz tips: Somerville 

AJ tips: Somerville

Sus tips: Somerville

Tyabb vs Rye 

The Yabbies were only 13 points off pulling off an almighty upset last week against Seaford so they’ll take a lot of confidence out of that performance, whilst Rye are coming off a nine and a half goal loss. 

For the Yabbies, they can thank Ethan Rahilly, Corey Buchan, Kyle Hurlstone and William Hose for their fantastic performance. 

Hurlstone only had the ten touches but kicked four goals, whilst Hose kicked two from his 24 disposals, five marks, five inside 50’s and 11 hitouts. 

Ethan Rahilly had 26 disposals, seven clearances, seven rebounds, four tackles and kicked a goal to be one of the best on the park. 

Saving the best until last, Buchan had 36 disposals, four clearances, four rebounds and kicked a goal. 

For Rye, Nicholas Strickland and Matthew Hill were the dominant forces. 

Strickland had 38 disposals, eighteen rebounds(!), five marks and a stunning 37 uncontested possessions! 

Given how much ball was in the back half, it was no surprise he dominated but they’re still insane stats. 

Hill had 36 disposals, nine clearances, nine tackles, eight marks, five inside 59’s and 149 fantasy points. 

Kalani Ryan was extremely handy also, with 24 disposals, four clearances, four tackles and a goal. 

Hard to pick a winner here and Tyabb aren’t going to get many better chances to get another win but I’m going for Rye, 

Daz tips: Rye 

AJ tips: Rye

Sus tips: Tyabb

Devon Meadows vs Seaford 

Luke Hodge, second place on the ladder, a percentage of 157 and some unreal top end talent. 

It’s a bad week for Seaford to get Devon Meadows for sure! 

Add in the fact Devon best Crib Point by 125 points and the sense of dread has only multiplied by a monumental amount. 

In that game, it seemed like everyone had a day out. 

Nick Battle had 38 disposals, 15 clearances, 12 inside 50’s, six tackles, five marks, and two goals, equating to an insane 208 fantasy points! 

Brandon White kicked eight to almost out-score Crib Point by himself, whilst Alex Canel kicked five from 18 disposals. 

Joel Hillis was the other elite performer, with 24 touches, thirteen clearances, eight inside 50’s, seven tackles and a goal, equating to 139 fantasy points. 

Hamish McLeod also pinch hit on the scoreboard, with three from six marks and one percenters. 

For Seaford, Joel Filippone and Macklin Raine need to take a bow! 

Raine had 13 disposals, a dozen clearances, seven clearances and kicked a goal, but it was his aerial dominance that took the game by storm. 

Seaford won the clearance battle 60-26 and won the inside 50 count 58-33 and if you’re wondering how that happened, there were 112 ruck contests and Raine won 91 of them! 

Filippone’s dominant performance reads in a fashion that almost has to be read to be believed; 49 disposals (37 uncontested), eleven clearances, ten inside 50’s, eight marks, four tackles, three goals and 206 fantasy points! 

Damien Rayson also deserves a shoutout, for his 4.3 from 22 disposals and six inside 50’s. 

If Seaford win this, it would be one of (if not) the upsets of the season. 

Reputation on the line, it ain’t happening. 

Daz tips: Devon Meadows 

AJ tips:Devon Meadows

Sus tips: Seaford

Written by: Peter

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