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Save Reg’s Wedge take on a big Kiwi

Save Reg’s Wedge take on a big Kiwi


Save Sir Reg’s Wedge, an incorporated volunteer community group, says it is fighting a ‘David and Goliath’ battle against Ryman Heathcare’s plan to build a retirement facility on the former Ansett Estate.

The volunteer group are currently fundraising through a GoFund Me ‘Koalas Not High Rise’ to take on the multinational, NZ based company.

Save Sir Reg’s Wedge says the old Ansett property is heavily treed, home to many native species, including documented koala habitat, is part of the green wedge, does not have the infrastructure to support high density residential development, and is dangerously close to the entrance of Kunyung Primary School.

The group contend that land lies outside the urban growth boundary.

The group says the Ryman Heath Care plans are opposed by council, and face overwhelming opposition from the community.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is currently examining the application



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