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SHAZAM ! Is a Wrap !!!

SHAZAM ! Is a Wrap !!!


Cruise.  Kidman.  Pacino.  Keaton.  Blanchett.  Rush.  Streep.  Costner.

Now add to the list Taylor – and Woodward.

SHAZAM is a brand new show designed specifically for movie and TV buffs.  It is on every week on 3RPP’s internet station RPP Plus … it’s on a Thursday from 12 noon to 2.00 p.m..

The show includes a detailed look at Actor of the Week; Actress of the Week; Five Films You Must See While You Are Alive and much much more.

Between them, Christine Taylor and Ross Woodward have nearly 80 years of viewing experience!  They’ve seen so much TV and so many movies over the years.  Hundreds and hundreds of movies.  Their special show is designed to offer you a fresh new perspective on movies you might want to dip into or shows you may wish to check out.

Christine Taylor said, “Who doesn’t love a good film?  It’s just a terrific way to escape into another amazing world.  Our show is all about offering listeners thought starters.  We also have a generous serving of great music culled from the world of movies and TV.”

“There is no question Australia has so many talented actors and actresses.  Cate Blanchett, Guy Pearce, Geoffrey Rush, Miranda Otto.  With Cate Blanchett, you always get something totally different.  She has such an astonishing ability to re-invent herself.”

Ross Woodward added, “This is the Mornington Peninsula’s very own tribute to Tinsel Town.  There are just so many incredible films out there.  Recent classics I have been amazed by include “High Fidelity”; “Carlito’s Way”; “The Professor and the Madman”; “Trance” and “The Game”.”

The show also takes a look at what’s hot on Netflix (and sometimes Stan).  It looks at shows like Russian Doll, Virgin River and more.

You can hear Shazam every Thursday at 12 noon on RPP Plus … unmissable.



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