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Lockdown Friday

Lockdown Friday


Brendon and Shivani return for the Friday edition of LOCKDOWN Radio, a program designed to get all of us through Level 4 Lockdown.

In the program:

Lockdown reporter, Piers Cunningham on the specialist doctors who are questioning why the government needs to go Level 4 – a measure they argue is more damaging than the pandemic.

Fiona Patten MP , leader of the Reason Party, says small business is reeling in Lockdown and needs to be protected .

Shayne Connell is CEO of LivingWorks Australia, a global leader in suicide prevention training, and has been a suicide first aid trainer for about 17 years.

Volpino Restaurant has been making meals for those in need- donating to the Mornington Community Centre- since the beginning of the pandemic. Volpino owner Simon Weill joins the program.

And Graeme Rocke and his group say a safe bay trial that rings the peninsula-will do amazing things for the region and be a massive boost for tourism as we clamber out of Lockdown.

LOCKDOWN Radio is an RPP FM community initiative – heard Monday to Friday- from 11-3pm and is designed to get us all through Covid 19.


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