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Frankston Park Up in Lights

Frankston Park Up in Lights


There are some big lights at the end of the Covid tunnel for Frankston Park, with four new LED towers to light up the home of the Frankston Dolphins from this September.

The new lighting will allow VFL and AFLW matches to be broadcast from Frankston Park, securing the ground’s place as a premium sporting facility.

Frankston City Mayor, Sandra Mayer, said the project would ‘shine light’ on all of the City’s attractions.

“Being able to broadcast our sporting events is a big win for all of us. As well as showcasing Frankston over the airwaves, the lights will also help attract big games for local sports fans and be of economic benefit to the community.

“When restrictions are lifted, visitors will come to Frankston to see matches and check out our local attractions, shops and restaurants which will aid the economy’s recovery,” the Mayor added.

A further benefit is the intensity of the lights can be turned up or down depending on whether training, standard matches or broadcast level games are taking place.

The old lights had an illumination capacity of 150 lux, while the new lights feature a range of settings between 100 and 1000 lux.

The $2.8 million lighting upgrade was made possible by funding from all three levels of government, with contributions of $850,000 from the Federal Government, $650,000 from the State Government and $1.3 million from Council.


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