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Getting dressed for success

Getting dressed for success


Not-for-profit Groomed to Go, trading as Dress for Success and Smart Blokes, aim to help men and women get into the working sector by providing help with their work attire, interview skills and updating resumes, plus emergency wardrobe kits for domestic violence clients.

After this unprecedented period we are facing is over, there will be many people searching for new kinds of jobs after losing theirs, which means people will need help to update their resumes, practice their interview skills or are needing a different work attire. Groomed to Go wants to be there for these people needing a hand, but they also need a little help to spread awareness so they can reach those in need, as their services are free and do not receive any government funding.

General Manager Sandy Gregory had an idea where she would run a social media campaign involving a Tik Tok challenge. #G2gdancechallenge.

The challenge is to dress up in work attire from your dad/mum/brother/sisters or whoever’s wardrobe you have access to and do a dance as a shout-out to all those people working from home, to help those who are looking for jobs.

The campaign has been launched and has gained traction.




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