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Peter Rowsthorn’s Kath & Kim casting bombshell

Peter Rowsthorn’s Kath & Kim casting bombshell


Kath & Kim star Peter Rowsthorn has dropped a casting bombshell.

Rowsthorn, who played Brett Craig on the series, spoke to news.com.au yesterday about his partnership with Gumtree for the Gummie Support Network (more about that later).

But he also happily answered some Kath & Kim questions and one of his answers blew us away.

According to IMDB, comedian Russell Gilbert was very close to landing the role of Brett, but that’s incorrect according to Rowsthorn.

“That’s not true, it was actually Marty Sheargold,” Rowsthorn said. “It was between him and I in the end.”

Sheargold is best known as one of the stars on Have You Been Paying Attention?and as a co-host of Nova’s national drive show Kate, Tim and Marty.

“The ABC didn’t want a comic actor to do it; they wanted a proper actor to do Brett,” Rowsthorn told news.com.au. “But the girls really wanted to use either me or Marty.

“I’d worked with Gina (Riley) and Jane (Turner) a lot since the ’80s. They knew I was easy to work with and that I’d do what they told me.

“They did an audition process and basically said no to anyone that looked like a real actor and ended up getting down to me and Marty, and I got it.”

News.com.au reached out to Sheargold who said in response: “I love sliding door moments, the ‘what could’ve beens’ in life. Pete is such a brilliant comic I was flattered to be part of the conversation. He was a huge part of the show’s success and absolutely smashed that role.”

Story: news.com.au


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