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Empty shelves on the Mornington Peninsula

Empty shelves on the Mornington Peninsula


In the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, panic has struck Mornington Peninsula residents who are filling up their supermarket trolleys with toilet paper, sanitising products, canned foods and other goods.

Some authorities are advising there is no need for panic.

To date there have been 33 confirmed cases in Australia, all of whom have recovered or are in a stable condition, with the exception of one elderly man who died. A total of 10 Victorians have been affected.

At the time of writing there have been no official reports of local residents on the Mornington Peninsula contracting the virus.

Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt said in a media release distributed by the Australian Government Health Department yesterday, “I think it’s very important to set out the process here. What we do is where there is medical advice, then we will follow that medical advice, and so we’ve allowed the chief health and medical officers to operate in full confidence that they can make their judgements based on sound medical assessments”.

“They’ve been ahead of the curve knowing that the National Security Committee and DFAT have, and will continue to accept their advice”.

Mr Hunt stated that all is going to plan including travel restrictions, setting up of the National Incident Centre, the National Medical Stockpile, the National Trauma Centre and the activation of the pandemic plan.

Deb Mar – Photo: Rye Woolworths (Tuesday, 3 March 2020).



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