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Fire restrictions now in force

Fire restrictions now in force


Summer’s official fire danger period started on Monday, coinciding with the week’s predicted high temperatures and dry conditions.

The CFA-announced fire restrictions will last until 1am Monday 1 May and include a ban on any burning off without a permit, including on roadsides.

Lighting fires or solid fuel heaters and barbecues is illegal if a total fire ban day is declared.

Fire danger ratings and total fire ban status of all area with Victoria are available at cfa.vic.gov.au, or by calling the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226.

Advice is available from the VicEmergency hotline, 1800 226 226 and check emergency.vic.gov.au for current warnings.

For information on what is allowed and not allowed during the fire danger period and on days of total fire ban visit cfa.vic.gov.au.



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