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A Girl Called Eddy

today12/06/2019 19

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One of the world’s great musicians takes time out to talk to RPPFM’s Mission Impossible – astonishing music and amazing melodies.

RPPFM is thrilled to announce that on Friday June 21st at 6.00 p.m. there will be a two hour special featuring one of the world’s most amazing musicians – Erin Moran (known as ‘A Girl Called Eddy’) plus the station chats about her latest project with French music guru Mehdi Zannad (‘The Last Detail’).

RPPFM’s Ross Woodward speaks extensively with Erin about her amazing career and her new LPs.  Over the years Erin Moran has divided her time between a base in New York and a place in London.  When ‘A Girl Called Eddy’ was released in 2004, music critics fell over themselves to offer praise.

Major rock magazines like Mojo and Uncut simply adored the record.  The album even got onto the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Best Of’ lists.

Erin Moran said, “My new album is called ‘Been Around’.  I am back baby.  One of the songs on the new LP was written with legendary songwriter Paul Williams who penned ‘Rainy Days and Mondays’.  The track is called ‘Charity Shop Window’.  We spent a great hour together in New York – he added some great lyrics to the track and we were done!”

“Other tracks on the new album include ‘Lucky Jack’ – about my father – ‘Not That Sentimental Anymore’ and ‘Jody’ as well as ‘Been Around’.”

“The Watson Twins and Steely Dan horn guys make appearances on the album and a small tour is planned.  I am grateful for everybody being so patient.”

Erin Moran hails from Neptune, New Jersey in the USA and her first EP ‘Tears All Over Town’ came out in 2001.  She says she has been very influenced by people like Burt Bacharach, Karen Carpenter, Scott Walker and many others.

Talking about her recent collaboration as ‘The Last Detail’ (named after a Jack Nicholson film) with Paris based Mehdi Zannad, Erin said “It took a while for us to get to know each other.  It was so great to work with him.  He is a great musician.  I really enjoyed the process of writing with him and he would make all kinds of suggestions for the songs – there was a lot of back and forth.”

Ross Woodward – who presents this two hour special – said, “Erin Moran is an astonishing singer and I have a massive record collection.  Her album – and yes I have it on vinyl – is easily one of the best I have.  It is just that good.  It’s the delivery of the songs, the song writing and Erin’s voice.  I bought the CD after reading a record review and had no idea what I was in for.  It blew me away. ‘The Last Detail’ is a very powerful album with remarkable harmonies, catchy songs and fabulous melodies.  It’s a great collaboration.  Do tune in to this special Mission Impossible – it’s a program any lover of great music will really appreciate.”

Erin Moran (‘A Girl Called Eddy’) is Mission Impossible’s special guest for two hours on Friday June 21st from 6.00 p.m..  She talks about her new album, her 2004 album plus her remarkable collaborative album with Paris based Mehdi Zannad – ‘The Last Detail’.  You can hear the interview on 98.7 FM and 98.3 FM or

The program will be repeated in the not too distant future.

Written by: Swanny

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