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Mars? Really? Why?

today13/05/2019 8

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Humans need to be a multi-planet species.”

Elon Musk

Behold the optimists –bewildering types who grin and push for a bright future in the face of insurmountable evidence to the contrary. They have no time for doubters – as though doubt is a disease, or evil, or at least a slippery slope. They loudly beckon us to follow, entreating us not to fall to introspection, to not get snared in details, to look only at ‘the big picture’. And because they have more energy than pessimists they generally achieve greatness. Unfortunately for us they are all quite mad.

We get swept up in their ‘can-do’ cant whether we like it or not. The politicians braying about employment opportunities, the CEO’s talking of the possibilities, every single advertisement for every phone tempting us to unleash our creativity and, sadly, pathetically, the regimented ‘incentivising’ of the lowly worker – who is led to believe that if they join the team and live the brand and engage the customer their life will be thrilling and rich with purpose.

It’s all rhetoric, persuasive, but empty. It’s well known that the greater portion of CEO’s are sociopaths – insincere, manipulative narcissists running pyramid schemes that have the smart ones at the top keeping the dumb ones at the bottom happy. But our weary acceptance of that which was ever thus shouldn’t stop us from keeping an eye out for the truly deranged optimist.

The current chief lunatic is Elon Musk. This post has been held over the years by other noted optimists such as: Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Steve Jobs. Elon wants us to strap ourselves in for Mars. Mars?! He has seen the pictures, right? If not, can somebody please show Elon the pictures? As far as I can see Mars looks like the worst parts of the Sahara, without the actual oxygen or survivable temperature. Hasn’t he listened to the song? Doesn’t he know that Mars ain’t   the kind of place to raise your kids? In fact it’s cold as hell. That he suggests anyone should leave a verdant jewel like Earth and colonise a dump like Mars should stop us listening to another word he says. But he is not alone…

Head of NASA, Jim Bridenstine said, “We have been locked in Earth orbit too long, but we are going to break out.” He went on to talk about Mars One – which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. “Mars One is a global initiative whose goal is to make this everyone’s mission to Mars, including yours. If we all work together we can do this. We’re going to Mars. Come along!”

Another optimist with an unfailing belief in science. Yeah sure, science will save us. It’s done such a good job so far.

By Buddy Rose

Written by: Swanny

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