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Art Centre Acrobatics

Art Centre Acrobatics


Circus Oz – Precarious

 “An absolute joy”

The Age

“Mind blowingly splendiferous”

Stage Whispers

Precarious takes us on a journey through remnants of our icy past to a future reality  which is anything but.  Inhabitants navigate this unknown world guided by their surroundings and their own ingenuity.

In a dreamscape inspired by the icy plains of the Antarctic and the extraordinary energies and colours of the Aurora Australis our new arrivals must manipulate their surroundings, and each other, in order to turn the inhospitable into the possible. In this new show, the physicality of the human body demonstrates how easily the natural balance can be upended, creating chaos on a human and global scale.

Join us for a 70-minute non-stop spectacle of acrobatic mayhem for audiences of all ages.

Presented by: Frankston Arts Centre and Circus Oz

Friday 24 May, 6pm

Saturday 25 May, 1pm & 6pm



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