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Bayside’s Merry Mural

Bayside’s Merry Mural


Bayside has teamed up with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and engaged six program participants from disadvantaged backgrounds to bring their ideas to life.
The students have been involved in a “Transition to Work” program and began the unique art project a few months ago, working out of the Kindred Art Space – a local spot that provides mental health and wellbeing services.
The result is a stunning and colourful mural with meaning for each participant and their families and is now a centrepiece of the Christmas display at Bayside.

“The “Transition to Work” artwork is a vibrant piece that we hope will start a very important conversation about the role of the Brotherhood of St Laurence and community organisations working in the Frankston area,” said Bayside Centre Manager Gabe North-Harney.
Rebecca Crillmot, Regional Manager of Youth Transition to Work Programs from the Brotherhood of St Laurence was in the RPPFM pop-up studio in Bayside on Friday 8 December with Heather & Michelle to talk about the mural and the program’s success.
See the Mural for yourself, it is now hanging next to the Reject Shop.

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Words & pics:Honi McNaughton

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