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YES Vote 70% in Flinders

YES Vote 70% in Flinders


Statement on Australian Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey Result from The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Federal Member for Flinders, Minister for Health, Minister for Sport.
I am a passionate supporter of Australian democracy and the right of the Australian people to express their views.

In that context the Australian people have now voted and expressed those views.  61.6 per cent of responding Australians have voted yes to supporting same sex marriage.  In Flinders 70 percent of respondents voted yes.

I was one of those who voted yes and I will be one who supports the Bill in Parliament in line with my own beliefs, the majority view of my electorate and the majority view of the country.

I understand and deeply respect that this view is not supported by every member of my community and that is why we will ensure that there is recognition of religious freedom within the Bill.  It is now our job as parliamentarians to respect the outcome of the vote and implement the will of the Australian People.

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