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RPP FM In the news

RPP FM In the news


Not to blow our own trumpet…but here’s the latest media coverage in the Frankston Times on the back of our successful pop-up studio launch at Bayside Shopping Centre, Frankston on Friday 10 November. Be sure to join us each Friday – LIVE – lots of fun at our new pop-up!

Our pop-up studio was also mentioned in Frankston Standard Leader! http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/south-east/peninsula-radio-station-rpp-fm-establishes-pop-up-studio-at-bayside-shopping-centre/news-story/9f05499ec5f13c92047f5fe45130b967

RPP FM – The Voice of the Peninsula 98.7FM & 98.3FM Frankston Live stream from the rppfm.com.au website and download the app

Words Honi McNaughton


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