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Interview with Frank Vajda

Interview with Frank Vajda

Your presenter Gavin Williams

This week on RPP FM’s entertainment program ‘Getting to Know You, presenter Gavin Williams will take you on a journey that tells the captivating and compassionate life of Frank Vajda, professor of neurology at Melbourne University.

Professor Vajda, a Holocaust survivor from Hungry now 81 years old, has paid tribute his whole life to the man who saved the life of himself and his mother back in 1945. He is Swedish humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during World War II.

This is an interview not to be missed – this Tuesday, 21 March at 9am.

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Debra Mar Working many years in the corporate world in Melbourne and overseas, Debra found herself in the fashion industry as a designer after studying 3 years at RMIT. She now producers and presenters her own radio program The Breakfast Table every Tuesday 6-9am and writes for a local magazine. With a love of writing and being involved in the community, she has a certain curiosity of what makes people ‘tick’, Debra also writes feature stories and updates details on the RPP FM website.


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