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Was there an ‘elephant in the room’?

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There was anything but, an ‘elephant in the room’ when RPP FM presenters Bob Phillips and his witful wife Judy Banks-Phillips invited former County Court Judge and Australia’s first independent Road Safety Camera Commissioner, his Honor Gordon Lewis AM as their special guest on Sugar and Spice.

The candid interview was engaging with a ripened sensibility in true ‘Bob and Judy’ style.

Gordon recently launched his book titled Bitten by an Elephant. His words tell the story of the trials and tribulations of this once County Court Judge who grew up in rural Victoria.

As a 4 year old child, he suffered a leg injury which left him with a slight disability. Rather than explain the reason for his impairment, he told people he was bitten by an elephant. The story stuck!

Bob enquired as to why he became involved in law. He replied, “Because Mum told me that’s what I would do – I had really know idea what ‘law’ meant.”

His father worked for the Victorian Railways so the family moved around a lot. Gordon attended school for the first time at the age of 12 years. He was enrolled at South Geelong State School. He said, “I remember the teachers not knowing what class to put me in so they placed me in an opportunity grade – I felt like the new animal in the zoo.”

He loves his cricket and played in his younger years. He was a movie reviewer for ABC radio. One of his favoured movies is The Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes.

He worked as a solicitor for a city law firm and later appointed as Director of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Judy suggested Gordon would have been a bit of a maverick in his younger years as he speaks openly about country life and moving to the city.

Bitten by an Elephant should be sitting on the bookshelf of every home – it’s a true reflection of an Aussie bloke whose passion and fairness made a big difference to a lot of people’s lives.

Thank you Bob and Judy for providing an entertaining and lighthearted insight in to Gordon and for Gordon sharing his life stories, warts an’ all!

Photography Rab Siddhi

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Written by: Debra Mar

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