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McDonald circles for second Shade

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Peninsula League EV Shade Medal
by Brendan Rhodes
Photos by Andrew Hurst, contact via AFL South East

Brendan-Rhodes-27-166x300 Bearded Jonty
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SHANE McDonald produced one of the great voting performances in recent memory in the second half of the season to charge home and claim his second E.V. Shade Medal for the Peninsula League’s Best and Fairest at Mornington Race Club on Wednesday night.

EVS B&F 1 Shade Medal Shane McDonald Bon   EV Shade Medallist Shane McDonald

McDonald wasn’t even on the leaderboard after Round 8, being more than 13 votes behind Pines’ runaway leader Paul Scanlon, but came from the clouds to finish on 22 votes and pip the Pythons’ powerhouse by a single vote.

His second victory comes after also also finishing second in 2014 and third in 2010.

Scanlon’s first half of the year was as dominant as McDonald’s second half, with the Pines midfielder having 19 votes after Round 8 and leading by a whopping 10 votes at that stage, but he only managed two more for the rest of the season as McDonald ran him down.

Another proven votegetter in Mt Eliza’s 2013 Shade Medallist Rohan Heasley finished third on 18 votes, having also come second in 2014, while Frankston YCW’s defending champion Kyle Hutchison shared third spot on 15 votes with Edithvale-Aspendale’s Brendan Neville and Mt Eliza’s Daniel Gormley.

McDonald was stunned to win the medal after returning from a season at Goulburn Valley league club Mooroopna, especially after not being on the leaderboard at the midway point of the season.

Minor premier Frankston YCW was clearly the most prolific club in the voting, polling 88 votes from 17 players, while Mt Eliza had 18 players share 79 votes and Pines received 66 votes, despite having just nine players attract the umpires’ attention.

There were plenty of surprises in the voting, with Mornington polling 59 votes despite missing the finals, with several star players failing the catch the eye of those who held the cards.

Pines ruckman Beau Hendry managed just four votes, Edithvale-Aspendale’s league leading goalkicker Mick Meehan polled three, and Stonecats star Paul Minchington and Bonbeach gun Justin Bennett received only two apiece.

EVS MVP Football Tim Bongetti Pin   MVP Tim Bongetti
Pines centre half-forward Tim Bongetti polled 10 votes, but was popular among the coaches, being named Most Valuable Player, and at centre half-forward as captain of the Team of the Year.

The team was dominated by minor premiers Frankston YCW with six players – Hutchison, Brenton Credlin, Byron Barry, Minchington, Anthony Bruhn and Ryan Santon – named, as well as coach Scott Mathers.

EVS Team of the Year YCW EVS Team of the Year Scott Mathers YCW
Frankston YCW Team of the Year members, including coach Scott Mathers

Pines and Mornington had four players each selected and Bonbeach three, while preliminary finalist Mt Eliza had only Heasley selected, and Langwarrin and Seaford failed to have a player named.

Frankston YCW’s Jacob Cheverley took out the Athol Davies Medal for the reserves best and fairest to add to the Under 19 Ken Lyons Medal he won in 2012.

Cheverley polled 26 votes to street the field, winning by 12 votes from Chelsea’s Nizam Abadallah (14), with Brandon Sison (Bonbeach), Brendon Groenendyk (Karingal), Anthony Vanin (Mt Eliza) and Rizwan Harun (Seaford) sharing third spot on 13 votes.

The Lyons Medal was won by Seaford’s Luke Hayes, who polled 23 votes to win in a tight race from Karingal’s Brendan Lord on 21, with Stonecat Hayden Raphael finished third on 16.

Edithvale-Aspendale have all four netball teams as unbackable premiership favourites, and the Eagles’ dominance was reflected in the voting.

They had four players poll at least 14 votes in A Grade, but their evenness ensured they would not be able to produce the winner.

EVS B&F A Nichelle Liepa Sea A Grade Best and Fairest Nichelle Liepa

Seaford’s Nichelle Liepa capped an outstanding season by taking out the top honour in A Grade, finishing with 25 votes to finish four clear of Mt Eliza’s Most Valuable Player winner Jessica Anwyl and Edi-Asp’s Holly Bailey, while Mornington’s Candace Page polled 19 to finish fourth.

Liepa was a surprise omission from a Team of the Year dominated by Eagles, with Edithvale-Aspendale producing five of the 10 players – Anne Leeds, Christina Vickery, Bailey, Georgina Cuthbertson and Sharpshooter winner Emily Patterson

Liepa’s Tiger teammates Shannon Renniston, Kassidy Withers and Tayla Robertson were named, while Anwyl was named as captain and Frankston YCW’s Jill Hunter was the coach.

Edithvale-Aspendale produced the B Grade and D Grade winners with Jane Taylor and Julia Windhager respectively, while Karingal’s Peyton Rowe took out the C Grade award.

Bonbeach stalwart Beatrice Rowsell was announced as the Volunteer of the Year award, while Frankston YCW claimed the Combined Club Championship, with Mt Eliza winning the football and the Eagles taking netball honours.





Winner: Shane McDonald (Bonbeach) 22
Runner-up: Paul Scanlon (Pines) 21
3rd: Rohan Heasley (Mt Eliza) 18
4th: Brendan Neville (Edithvale-Aspendale), Kyle Hutchison (Frankston YCW), Daniel Gormley (Mt Eliza) 15
7th: Michael Gay, Warwick Miller (Mornington), Luke Potts (Pines) 12
10th: Ashley Eames (Frankston YCW), Shane Paterson (Langwarrin) 11
12th: Byron Barry (Frankston YCW), Grant Goodall (Karingal), Tim Bongetti, Aaron Edwards (Pines) 10
16th: Jackson Casey (Bonbeach), Todd Gardiner (Chelsea), Steven Mannix (Edithvale-Aspendale), James Cameron (Mornington), Kyle Matthews (Seaford), Michael Burke (Karingal) 9
22nd: Luke Collins (Frankston YCW), Brenton Credlin (Frankston YCW), Johnathan Haidon, Joseph Hallal (Seaford) 8
26th: Gary Carpenter (Bonbeach), Jackson Calder (Mornington), Matthew Herbert (Seaford) 7
29th: Anthony Bruhn (Frankston YCW), Callan Dixon (Karingal) 6
31st: Dylan Jones (Bonbeach), Jake Di Pasquale, Kevin Lylak (Frankston YCW), Aaron Paxton (Karingal), Blake Harkness, Matthew Naughton, Michael Parker (Langwarrin), Chris Baker (Mornington), David Barton, Jordan Capkin (Mt Eliza) 5
41st: Chris Bryan (Bonbeach), Jie Coghlan (Frankston YCW), Joel Miller (Mornington), James Clayton, Matthew Hill (Mt Eliza), Beau Hendry, Patrick Jackson (Pines), Trae Tohiariki (Seaford) 4
49th: Beau Bailey (Bonbeach), Mark Greenwood, Andrew Luxa, Tim Mannix, Charlie Martello, Michael Meehan, Zac Muschialli (Edithvale-Aspendale), Zinzile Mosimane, Craig Nankervis, Lachlan Wallace (Frankston YCW), Nick Tuddenham (Langwarrin), Josh Halsall, Ryan O’Dell (Mornington), James Freeman, Sam Gill, Matt Lillie, Blake Mullane, Matt Stanley, Tim Strickland, Zallec White (Mt Eliza), Brad Kiely (Pines) 3
70th: Justin Bennett, Shelton Rosario, Daniel Smith (Bonbeach), James Brain, Beau Caia, Liam Charity, Josh Tripcony (Chelsea), Liam Harris, Mark Mullins (Edithvale-Aspendale), Michael Debenham, Paul Minchington (Frankston YCW), Chris Hay, Tom Wilkinson (Karingal), Kieran Albanese, Gerard Brown, Mitchell Cuthbert (Langwarrin), Lachlan Hewitt (Mornington), Ben Landry, Jay Neratzoglou (Mt Eliza), Liam Davenport, Josh Stokes (Seaford) 2
Matt Douglas, Owen Hulett, James Murnane, Mark Tyrell (Bonbeach), Curtis Bywater, Luke Caspersz, Brad Clark, David Willett (Chelsea), Sean Fisher, Matt Kremmer, Angus Macquire, Aaron Pawel, Chris Wylie (Edithvale-Aspendale), Anthony Barry, Daniel Hughes, Scott MacLeod (Frankston YCW), Lucas VanRaay (Karingal), Sean Herdman, Mitchell Mathie, Ryan Smyth (Langwarrin), Kalen Bird, Dale Whelan (Mornington), Patrick Coates, Aaron Dunne, Brodie Shaw (Mt Eliza), Chris Guganovic, Adam Maling (Pines), Agape Patolo, Aaron Walton, Dean Williamson (Seaford) 1


VOTES BY CLUB: Frankston YCW 88 votes (17 players), Mt Eliza 79 (18), Pines 66 (9), Bonbeach 60 (13), Mornington 59 (11), Edithvale-Aspendale 51 (15), Seaford 43 (10), Langwarrin 38 (11), Karingal 35 (7), Chelsea 21 (9).


MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Tim Bongetti (Pines)


 EVS Goal Snr Mick Meehan EA  LEADING GOALKICKER: Mick Meehan (Edithvale-Aspendale) 64



EVS Team of the Year Football

BACKS: Steve Mannix (Edithvale-Aspendale), Jack Fisher (Pines), Gary Carpenter (Bonbeach)
HALF BACKS: Warwick Miller (Mornington), Brenton Credlin (Frankston YCW), Byron Barry (Frankston YCW)
CENTRES: Michael Burke (Karingal), Kyle Hutchison (Frankston YCW), Todd Gardiner (Chelsea)
HALF FORWARDS: Shane McDonald (Bonbeach), Tim Bongetti (Pines – CAPTAIN), Aaron Edwards (Pines)
FORWARDS: Paul Minchington (Frankston YCW), Mick Meehan (Edithvale-Aspendale), Anthony Bruhn (Frankston YCW)
FOLLOWERS: Dylan Jones (Bonbeach), Luke Potts (Pines), Rohan Heasley (Mt Eliza)
INTERCHANGE: Jackson Calder (Mornington), Joel Miller (Mornington), Ryan O’Dell (Mornington), Ryan Santon (Frankston YCW)
COACH: Scott Mathers (Frankston YCW)






EVS B&F Res Jacob Cheverley YCW   Winner: Jacob Cheverley (Frankston YCW) 26
Runner-up: Nizam Abdallah (Chelsea) 14
3rd: Brandon Sison (Bonbeach), Brendon Groenendyk (Karingal), Anthony Vanin (Mt Eliza), Rizwan Harun (Seaford) 13
7th: Mark Nightingale (Chelsea) 12
8th: Nicholas Strickland (Mt Eliza), Jeremy Walker (Seaford) 11
10th: Michael Chaplin (Frankston YCW) 10

EVS Goal Res Michael Chaplin YCW   LEADING GOALKICKER: Michael Chaplin (Frankston YCW) 65






EVS B&F U19 Luke Hayes Sea  Winner: Luke Hayes (Seaford) 23
Runner-up: Brendan Lord (Karingal) 21
3rd: Hayden Raphael (Frankston YCW) 16
4th: Joshua Butland (Frankston YCW), Kalen Bird (Mornington) 14
6th: Jack Wells (Mornington) 13
7th: Beau Merdanovic (Karingal) 12
8th: Samuel Danks (Mt Eliza) 11
9th: Mason Russell (Karingal) 10
10th: Max Bailey (Bonbeach), Zach Andrewartha (Langwarrin) 9
EVS Goal U19 Josh Butland YCW  LEADING GOALKICKER: Josh Butland (Frankston YCW) 62






Winner: Nichelle Liepa (Seaford) 25
Runner-up: Jessica Anwyl (Mt Eliza), Holly Bailey (Edithvale-Aspendale) 21
4th: Candace Page (Mornington) 19
5th: Demi Woodlock (Edithvale-Aspendale), Lyshae Barry (Frankston YCW) 17
7th: Anne Leeds (Edithvale-Aspendale), Emma Callander (Langwarrin) 16
9th: Madeline McLeish (Langwarrin) 15
10th: Georgina Cuthbertson (Edithvale-Aspendale), Chloe Collyer (Mt Eliza) 14
12th: Theresa Blaauw (Bonbeach), Jessica Hosking (Karingal) 13
14th: Alex Newton (Mornington) 12
15th: Beverley Miller, Stacey Webber (Pines) 10
17th: Christina Vickery (Edithvale-Aspendale), Kate Kelly ­Oman (Karingal), Natasha Petroff (Seaford) 9
20th: Emily Bennet (Karingal), Maree Sargent­-Rata (Pines) 8
EVS MVP Netball Jessica Anwyl MtE   
MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Jessica Anwyl (Mt Eliza)

 EVS Shoot A Emily Patterson  SHARPSHOOTER: Emily Patterson (Edithvale-Aspendale) 374



EVS Team of the Year Netball

Goal Keeper: Anne Leeds (Edithvale-Aspendale)
Goal Defence: Christina Vickery (Edithvale-Aspendale)
Wing Defence: Shannon Renniston (Seaford)
Centre: Holly Bailey (Edithvale-Aspendale)
Wing Attack: Jessica Anwyl (Mt Eliza – CAPTAIN)
Goal Attack: Georgina Cuthbertson (Edithvale-Aspendale)
Goal Shooter: Kassidy Withers (Seaford)
Interchange: Matilda Garrett (Karingal), Tayla Robertson (Seaford), Emily Patterson (Edithvale-Aspendale)
Coach: Jill Hunter (Frankston YCW)






Winner: Jane Taylor (Edithvale-Aspendale) 19
Runner-up: Madison Fulton (Langwarrin) 18
3rd: Katie Schneider (Frankston YCW) 16
4th: Tara Bickham (Karingal) 15
5th: Bronte Evans (Langwarrin) 14
Sara Tanner (Karingal), Leah Sutcliffe (Mornington) 13
Kyla Venter (Langwarrin), Tess Allen (Mt Eliza) 12
Leisel Sliwinski (Mornington), Peta Probert (Mt Eliza) 11
EVS Shoot B Jessica Bird Kar  SHARPSHOOTER: Jessica Bird (Karingal) 513






EVS B&F C Peyton Rowe Kar   Winner: Peyton Rowe (Karingal) 17
Equal runner-up: Leah McCartney (Langwarrin), Ally Woodlock (Chelsea), Lauren Treacy (Frankston YCW) 15
5th: Melanie Cotta (Karingal) 13
6th: Kiah Stewart (Chelsea), Sara Burke (Karingal), Kelsey Allen (Mt Eliza) 12
9th: Danielle May (Edithvale-Aspendale), Renee Drummond (Frankston YCW), Alysha Groenendaal (Langwarrin) 11
EVS Shoot C Casey Shiel EA  SHARPSHOOTER: Casey Shiel (Edithvale-Aspendale) 425






EVS B&F Julia Windhager EA   Winner: Julia Windhager (Edithvale-Aspendale) 23
Runner-up: Bridget Stonier-­Gibson (Mt Eliza) 18
3rd: Elyse Felstead (Frankston YCW) 16
4th: Danyale King (Karingal), Kathryn Clark (Seaford) 15
6th: Breanna Kelly (Langwarrin), Kaileigh Elbrow (Seaford) 14
8th: Aysha Boundy (Edithvale-Aspendale), Brittany Gibbon (Langwarrin) 12
Holly Klesel (Mt Eliza) 11

EVS Shoot D Chelsea Morrow EA  SHARPSHOOTER: Chelsea Morrow (Edithvale-Aspendale) 373





Life Member: Daniel Smith (Bonbeach) 300 Senior Matches
Life Member: Adam Marriner (Pines) 300 Senior Matches
Volunteer of the Year: Beatrice Rowsell (Bonbeach)
Club Championship (Overall): Frankston YCW

EVS Club Champions Football Mt Eliza   Club Championship (Football): Mt Eliza

EVS Club Champions Netball EdiAsp2  Club Championship (Netball): Edithvale-Aspendale

Most Disciplined Club (Football): Frankston YCW
Most Disciplined Club (Netball): Frankston YCW

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