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Fox outruns the chasing pack

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Nepean League George Osborne Medal
by Brendan Rhodes
Photos by Andrew Hurst, contact via AFL South East

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FRANKSTON stars Sam Fox and Dale Sutton gave another perfect example of why the Bombers will enter tomorrow’s Nepean League Grand Final at favourites when they streaked to the quinella in the league’s George Osborne Medal at Mornington Race Club on August 31.

GOM B&F 1 Osborne Medal Sam Fox Fra George Osborne Medallist Sam Fox

Fox polled an impressive 26 votes to hold off his midfield counterpart by two votes, with the pair finishing well clear of Somerville big man Scott Simpson (19), with (Rye) guns Ryan Mullett (15) and Kris Bardon (14) making up the top five.

The 50 votes polled between the pair represented a vast majority of those awarded to the Bombers, with the rest of the team only attracting the attention of the umpires for a combined 20 votes.

In fact, Fox and Sutton equalled the total votes of Rye (50) and outpolled Dromana (40), Devon Meadows (39), Crib Point (24), Pearcedale (23) and Tyabb (18).

Hear what Fox had to say to RPPFM’s own Andrew “Toepunt” Kelly on the dais shortly after being presented with the medal here.

There was a surprise in the count, with the league’s Most Valuable Player and the Team of the Year captain as voted by the clubs, Rosebud’s Greg Bentley, polling just seven votes to finish outside the top 20, while the league’s leading goalkicker, Sorrento’s Nick Corp, managed just two votes.

GOM MVP Snr Greg Bentley Ros MVP and Team of the Year captain Greg Bentley – Rosebud

Fox and Sutton were joined by their coach Beau Muston in the Team of the Year, with Muston being named the League’s best coach after taking the Bombers from a five-win season last year to the minor premiership and Grand Final this season.

Grand Finalist Hastings had a league best five players – Paul Rogasch, Colin McVeigh, Luke Hewitt, Shaun Foster and Mark Devereaux – named in the Team of the Year, with Rosebud having four and Sorrento and Frankston three each, while Crib Point, Devon Meadows and Tyabb went unrepresented.

Devon Meadows’ Rhyse Shortis took out the Reserves Best and Fairest, polling 16 votes to finish three clear of Somerville’s Travis Finn, while Rye’s Daniel Schwind was third on 12.

A remarkable 11 players finished within two votes of winning the Under 19s Best and Fairest, but it was a Sorrento tie as Sharks teammates Bailey Holt and Joey Boase registered 14 votes to finish one ahead of Bronson Corrin (Rosebud), Jonathon Ross (Red Hill), Jack Hobson (Pearcedale) and Koby Villis (Frankston), with five more players just one vote further back.

Crib Point’s dominance of the A Grade netball competition was rewarded with gun Centre Dionne Douglas streeting the field on 32 votes to finish daylight ahead of Alana McDonald (Devon Meadows) and Tayla Sharp (Somerville) on 18.

GOM Goalkickers Leading Goalkickers Scott Sterling, Nick Corp and Adam Marchetti

The Magpies had five of the 10 members of the Team of the Year – captain Adrienne Harris, Ebony McDermott, Douglas, Karly Wappett and Leah Moncrieff – in a Premiership season that had a draw against runner-up Tyabb as its only blemish, with Devon Meadows mentor Kim Archdall named as coach.

Bridgette O’Shannessy (Devon Meadows) and Emily Roberts (Somerville) shared the B Grade award, Demelza Smith (Crib Point) took out C Grade and Rivalea Walter (Dromana) won the 17 and Under.

GOM Volunteer Danny Mongan RH Danny Mongan

Red Hill’s Danny Mongan was rewarded for years of valuable service to several clubs with the Volunteer of the Year award, while the Hillmen won the Combined Club Championship, Rosebud took out the football and Crib Point won the netball.



Winner: Sam Fox (Frankston) 26
Runner-up: Dale Sutton (Frankston) 24
3rdScott Simpson (Somerville) 19
4thRyan Mullett (Rye) 17
5thKris Bardon (Rye) 14
6th: Tim McGenniss (Somerville) 13
7th: Paul Rogasch (Hastings), Luke Tapscott (Sorrento) 12
9th: Jesse Dehey (Devon Meadows), Sean Marchetti (Red Hill), Nick Boswell (Rosebud) 11
12th: Jayden Sullivan (Devon Meadows), Ben Dwyer (Rosebud) 9
14th: Ethan Johnstone, Beau McMurray (Dromana), Jake Mold, Michael Mock, Daniel McNamara (Red Hill), Tyrren Head, James Hallahan (Sorrento) 8
21st: Brad Arnold (Crib Point), Nathan Gray, Shaun Foster (Hastings), Jake Mitchell (Red Hill), Greg Bentley, Brenton Payne (Rosebud), Rowan Hogenbirk, Ben Crowe (Somerville), Ethan Rahilly (Tyabb) 7
30th: Luke Herrington (Crib Point), Steven Roberts (Devon Meadows), Christian Ongarello (Dromana), Luke Smith (Hastings), Lachlan Marshall, Ben Mitchell (Pearcedale), Jonah Siversen (Red Hill), Keegan Downie, Jack Jarman (Rosebud) 6
39th: Ryan Kitchin, Jason Kingsbury (Frankston), Joshua Mulheron (Hastings), Brady Egan, Nathan Henley (Rye), Ben Sedgwick (Somerville), Leigh Treeby, James Brigden (Sorrento) 5
47th: James Cook (Crib Point), Rory Gregg (Dromana), Luke Hewitt, Jake Hewitt (Hastings), Rhys Bancroft (Rosebud), Jimmy Jennings (Rye), Luke Rowe, Justin Farrelly (Somerville) 4
55th: Jack Hazendonk (Devon Meadows), Beau Cosson, Terry Wheeler, Billy Quigley (Dromana), Josh Chapman, Brian O’Carroll (Frankston), Matt Clifford, Colin McVeigh (Hastings), Alex Harnett (Pearcedale), Michael Dillon, Matt Hyden (Red Hill), Ryan Spooner, Dale Stephens, Tom Baker, Brenton Davidge, Seb Krumeich, Glenn Petersen (Rosebud), Matt Greig (Rye), Justin Allsopp (Somerville), Scott Lockwood, Zach Byrns (Sorrento), Sean Miller (Tyabb) 3
77th: Daniel Vercoe, Paul Smith, Brendan Phillips (Crib Point), Chris Doria, Corey Walker, Jace Henderson, Jesse Bowe (Devon Meadows), Sam Geurts, Rikki Johnston (Dromana), Zac Longham (Frankston), Zach Campbell, Luke Murray, Pat Heijden (Pearcedale), Jackson Dalton (Red Hill), Adam Kirkwood, Harrison Devine-Richardson (Rye), Billy Rolfe (Somerville), Chad Harris, Nick Corp, Ryan Williams, Jackson Egan (Sorrento), Tim McGrath, Jake Anderson (Tyabb) 2
100th: Taylor Stratton (Crib Point), Curtis Barker, Andrew Kiely (Devon Meadows), Cade Williams (Dromana), Jarryd Amalfi, Luke James (Frankston), Brendan Dunne, Peter Mawson, Ben King, Josh Ward (Hastings), Travis Bravo, Harrison Prior (Pearcedale), Hagan Rice, Harry Whitty (Rye), Jed Sutton, David Hirst, Adrian Speedy (Somerville), Joey Boase, Ben McCormack, Guy Stringer (Sorrento), Lachlan West, Rowan McGrath, Riley West, Luke Rigg (Tyabb) 1

VOTES BY CLUB: Frankston 70 votes (9 players); Rosebud 68 (13); Somerville 67 (12); Red Hill 56 (9); Sorrento 55 (14); Hastings 55 (13); Rye 52 (10); Dromana 40 (10); Devon Meadows 39 (10); Crib Point 24 (7); Pearcedale 23 (8); Tyabb 18 (8).

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Greg Bentley (Rosebud)

LEADING GOALKICKER: Nick Corp (Sorrento) 49



GOM Football Team of the Year

BACKS: Beau Muston (Frankston), James Brigden (Sorrento), Christian Ongarello (Dromana)
HALF BACKS: Paul Rogasch (Hastings), Scott Simpson (Somerville), Nick Boswell (Rosebud)
CENTRES: Jake Mitchell (Red Hill), Ryan Mullett (Rye), Rohan Hogenbirk (Somerville)
HALF FORWARDS: Colin McVeigh (Hastings), Keegan Downie (Rosebud), Luke Tapscott (Sorrento)
FORWARDS: Luke Hewitt (Hastings), Nick Corp (Sorrento), Sam Fox (Frankston)
FOLLOWERS: Ben Dwyer (Rosebud), Greg Bentley (Rosebud), Dale Sutton (Frankston)
INTERCHANGE: Alex Harnett (Pearcedale), Shaun Foster (Hastings), Matthew Greig (Rye), Mark Devereaux (Hastings)
CAPTAIN: Greg Bentley (Rosebud)
COACH: Beau Muston (Frankston)




GOM B&F Res Rhyse Shortis DM   Winner: Rhyse Shortis (Devon Meadows) 16
Runner-up: Travis Finn (Somerville) 13
3rdDaniel Schwind (Rye) 12
4th: David Lawson (Sorrento) 11
5th: Zac White (Frankston), Phillip Jones (Rosebud) 10
7th: Anthony Fulton (Frankston), Harrison Byrt, Hamish Dick, Rheede Hopgood (Red Hill), Clancy Fulton, Joshua Fisher (Rosebud), Patrick Hall (Sorrento) 9

LEADING GOALKICKER: Scott Sterling (Rye), Neil Clark (Crib Point) 29




GOM B&F U19 Joey Boase & Bailey Holt Sor   Equal Winners: Joey Boase (Sorrento), Bailey Holt (Sorrento) 14
3rdKoby Villis (Frankston), Jack Hobson (Pearcedale), Jonathon Ross (Red Hill), Bronson Corrin (Rosebud) 13
7th: Rhys De Deugd, Tyler Neal (Frankston), Ethan Bryan, Nathan Higgins (Red Hill), Jackson Grant (Sorrento) 12

LEADING GOALKICKER: Adam Marchetti (Red Hill) 59




Winner: Dionne Douglas (Crib Point) 32
Equal runner-up: Alana McDonald (Devon Meadows); Tayla Sharp (Somerville) 18
4thSara Duncan (Rye) 15
5th: Tara Monshing (Pearcedale) 14
6th: Tessa Moncrieff (Crib Point), Grace Van Dort (Frankston) 13
8th: Lucy De Hey (Devon Meadows), Kate Patterson (Red Hill) 12
10th: Emma White (Rosebud), Caitlin Watson (Tyabb) 11
12th: Adrienne Harris (Crib Point), Isabella Cuming (Red Hill), Danielle Planner (Somerville) 10
15th: Stephanie Conlan, Jessica Mann (Tyabb) 9
17th: Rebecca Bacon (Dromana), Sienna Wills (Rye), Jade Finn (Somerville), Hinemoa Collier (Tyabb) 8

 GOM MVP A Tayla Sharp Som  Tayla Sharp

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Tayla Sharp (Somerville)

SHARPSHOOTER: Jessica Mann (Tyabb)


GOM Netball Team of the Year2

Goal Keeper: Lucy De Hey (Devon Meadows)
Goal Defence: Adrienne Harris (Crib Point – CAPTAIN)
Wing Defence: Milly Brodie (Somerville)
Centre: Dionne Douglas (Crib Point)
Wing Attack: Sara Duncan (Rye)
Goal Attack: Ebony McDermott (Crib Point)
Goal Shooter: Jessica Mann (Tyabb)
Interchange: Karly Wappett (Crib Point), Leah Moncrieff (Crib Point), Sarah Hose (Tyabb)
Coach: Kim Archdall (Devon Meadows)




GOM B&F B O'Shannessy & Roberts Bridget O’Shannessy and Emily Roberts

Equal winner: Bridgette O’Shannessy (Devon Meadows), Emily Roberts (Somerville) 19
3rdEmilie Baird (Red Hill) 18
4th: Carly Withers (Frankston), Kristy Marshall (Somerville) 17
6th: Rhiannon Coombs (Tyabb) 15
7th: Natalie Fallon (Devon Meadows) 14
8th: Beverley Ashauer, Polly-­Mae Morris (Frankston), Chloe Gundry (Tyabb) 13

SHARPSHOOTER: Catherine Porter (Frankston Bombshells)




GOM B&F C Demelza Smith CP Demelza Smith

Winner: Demelza Smith (Crib Point) 30
Runner-up: Kristen Gahan (Red Hill) 23
3rdTori Wilkinson (Pearcedale) 17
4th: Ayla Gallagher (Crib Point), Lace Kelly (Tyabb) 16
6th: Janelle Bain (Devon Meadows) 15
7th: Faith Miller (Devon Meadows) 13
8th: Zendaria Telfer (Frankston), Rebecca Hansen (Rosebud), Jenny Walker (Rye), Tesharnie Gruar (Somerville) 12

SHARPSHOOTER: Kirsten Gahan (Red Hill)




GOM B&F U17 Rivalea Walter Dro Rivalea Walter

Winner: Rivalea Walter (Dromana) 18
Runner-up: Kiarah Rochford (Devon Meadows) 16
3rdAmelia Ross (Red Hill) 13
4th: Shannon Young (Rosebud) 12
5th: Gemma Grant, Annabel Zampatti (Sorrento) 11
7th: Mikkea Denniston-­Spaull (Sorrento) 10
8th: Laila Nelson-­Williams (Red Hill) 9
9th: Chelsie Edwards (Devon Meadows), Daisy Cottle-­Anderson, Hollie Dunston, Natasha Peet (Rosebud), Jordyn Allen (Rye) 8

SHARPSHOOTER: Mikkea Denniston (Sorrento)

GOM Sharpshooters Netball Sharpshooters



Volunteer of the Year: Danny Mongan (Red Hill)
Club Championship (Overall): Red Hill

GOM Club Champion Football Rosebud  Club Championship (Football): Rosebud

GOM Club Champion Netball Crib Point  Club Championship (Netball): Crib Point

GOM Most Disciplined Football Dromana  Most Disciplined Club (Football): Dromana

GOM Most Discipline Netball Frankston  Most Disciplined Club (Netball): Frankston



GOM Spirit of Netball

Round 1: Shannon Young (Rosebud)
Round 2: Kelsey Hayes (Tyabb)
Round 3: Katelyn Hearn (Rye)
Round 4: Laila Nelson-Williams (Red Hill)
Round 5: Victoria Hogan (Crib Point)
Round 6: Daisy Cottle (Rosebud)
Round 7: Kiarah Rochford (Devon Meadows)
Round 8: Molly Austin (Dromana)
Round 9: Lilly Willis (Sorrento)
Round 10: Samara Violani (Rye)
Round 11: Amelia Oakenfull (Tyabb)
Round 12: Gemma Grant (Sorrento)
Round 13: Amelia Ross (Red Hill)
Round 14: Tarryn Graham (Crib Point)
Round 15: Eliza Pittard (Dromana)
Round 16: Chelsea Edwards (Devon Meadows)


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