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A classy MPNFL wins Interleague contest

A classy MPNFL wins Interleague contest


Brendan Rhodes-27JONTY’S JOTTINGS

Interleague by Brendan Rhodes

MORNINGTON Peninsula-Nepean earned a crack at the title of best football league in Victoria with a convincing 30-point victory over the Northern League in the Worksafe Victorian Community Championships 3v4 clash at RJ Rowley Reserve on Saturday.

footy1In the Telstra Stores RPP FM Match of the Day, it was a blistering eight-goal second quarter that won a showdown with long-time champions Geelong, which outclassed the Eastern League by four goals to expand its bragging rights from country to state champions.

With the metro leagues being integrated into the competition this year and MPNFL bringing its interleague program back together, it was a new-look Sharks outfit in a new-look competition, and after a slow start, the locals stamped their authority on the game.footy3

Trailing by 16 points on the Rye Hotel Scoreboard after Ben Fennell kicked the first goal of the second quarter for Northern, MPFNL cranked the engine into gear, with Tim Bongetti, Justin van Unen and Dale Sutton goaling in quick succession to take the lead.

The visitors responded with two of their own in the space of 90 seconds, only for the Sharks to blow the game open with five goals in six minutes – Tim McGenniss, Dan Gormley, Beau Cosson and Aaron Edwards twice blitzing the home team out by 21 points at half-time.

RPP FM Man of the Day Bryon Barry with Vossy

When James Cameron and Paul Minchington added to the scoreboard early in the third quarter, it was out to 34 points and it looked a matter of how far MPNFL, especially with Mornington Peninsula Brewery Man of the Match Byron Barry in dominant touch floating across half back and through the middle, Bongetti carrying his excellent club form into the representative arena and Dylan Jones, Luke Potts, Brenton Credlin, Gormley and Cosson also making their presence felt.

But Northern wasn’t ranked in the top four leagues in the state for no reason, and the Diamonds charged back into contention with the next four goals either side of three quarter-time to get back within nine points.

With all the momentum, the match was set up for a grandstand finish, but just as it did when challenged in the last term by Ovens and Murray last year, MPNFL stepped it up a notch again, booting seven goals to four from that point on to run out convincing winners.

THE MPNFL’s second string team slipped to No.17 in the state rankings after suffering a narrow 10-point loss to AFL Yarra Ranges at Healesville Reserve.

After an evenly-matched first half which saw the scores locked together at quarter time and the home team leading by just two points at the main break, the Sharks managed just one behind in the third quarter to 3.3 as Yarra Ranges edged out to lead by 22 at the final change.footy2

MPNFL made one last effort to haul in the deficit in the last quarter with five goals to three, but the Sharks had conceded too big a gap and Yarra Ranges held grimly to claim the No.14 ranking for next year’s interleague fixtures.

Ryan Marks-Logan and Ethan Rahilly were in fine fettle for MPNFL and found plenty of support from Adrian Speedy, Jonah Siverson, Rohan Hogenbirk and Blake Harkness, while Zac Longham and Jack Hazendonk kicked two goals each.

The result leaves the MPNFL facing a 17v18 showdown with another Geelong region league in Bellarine, which sent a warning shot with an 80-point belting of the previously higher-ranked Heathcote and District.

Vossy gives a thumbs up for a great win to our local boys



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Photography Rab Siddhi

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  1. MPNFL                      1.5 9.8            11.10          18.14         122
  2. NORTHERN            3.3 6.4             9.7            14.8           92

Goals: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN: A. Edwards 3, T Bongetti 3, D. Gormley 2, A. Bruhn 2, J. van Unen, D. Sutton, T. McGenniss, B. Cosson, J. Cameron, P. Minchington, S. Macleod, K. Hutchison. NORTHERN: P. Fitzgerald 3, B. Fennell 2, A. Fairchild 2, J. Donaldson 2, W. Schultz 2, J. White, R. Jordon, L. Lirosi.

Best: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN: B. Barry, D. Jones, T. Bongetti, L. Potts, B. Credlin, D. Gormley, B. Cosson. NORTHERN: C. Elmore, J. White, D. McLinden, L. Lirosi, B. Fennell, J. Hodgkin.

  1. MPNFL (2) 3.3             7.3             7.5         12.4  76
  2. YARRA RANGES 3.3             7.5            10.8        13.8  86

Goals: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN (2): J. Hazendonk 2, Z. Longham 2, K. Downie, B. Harkness, R. Hodson, S. Geurts, Z. Mosimane, J. Dalton, J. Calder, J. Halsall. YARRA RANGES: R. Woodford 3, B. Monkhorst 3, J. Adams 2, R. Hartfield 2, R. Wilson, M. Mollica, R. Cowan.

Best: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN (2): R. Marks-Logan, E. Rahilly, A. Speedy, J. Siversen, R. Hogenbirk, B. Harkness. YARRA RANGES: J. Myers, J. Williams, D. Kift, M. Hottes, N. Mende, M. Polkinghorne.

  1. Geelong 13.10 88 def 2. Eastern 9.10 64
  2. Essendon District 13.9 87 def 5. Goulburn Valley 12.11 83
  3. Western Region 13.17 95 def 7. Ballarat 13.14 92
  4. Ovens and Murray 20.14 134 def 10. Hampden 9.14 68
  5. Bendigo 17.8 110 def 12. Gippsland 12.7 79
  6. South East 17.9 111 def 13. Murray 12.12 84
  7. Wimmera def 17. Sunraysia (score not submitted)
  8. Bellarine 21.25 151 def 19. Heathcote and District 10.11 71
  9. Central Murray 11.11 77 def 21. North Central 9.9 63
  10. Geelong and District 14.10 94 def 23. Central Highlands 12.18 90
  11. Southern 14.9 93 def 26. Ellinbank and District 6.8 44
  12. Alberton 14.13 97 def 28. Riddell District 13.7 85
  13. Maryborough-Castlemaine District 16.13 109 def 29. Horsham 8.13 61
  14. Warrnambool and District def 32. Loddon Valley (score not submitted)
  15. Colac and District 13.12 90 def 33. Mid Gippsland 4.5 29
  16. Golden Rivers 22.14 146 def 35. Kyabram District 12.7 79
  17. Mininera 11.14 80 def 38. South West District 9.8 62


  1. Geelong
  2. Mornington Peninsula-Nepean
  3. Eastern
  4. Essendon District
  5. Northern
  6. Western Region
  7. Goulburn Valley
  8. Ovens and Murray
  9. Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Hampden
  • South East
  • Gippsland
  • Yarra Ranges
  • Murray
  • Wimmera
  • Mornington Peninsula-Nepean (2)
  • Bellarine
  • Sunraysia
  • Central Murray
  • Heathcote and District
  • Geelong and District
  • North Central
  • Southern
  • Central Highlands
  • Alberton
  • Ellinbank and District
  • Maryborough-Castlemaine District
  • Riddell District
  • Warrnambool and District
  • Horsham and District
  • Colac and District
  • Loddon Valley
  • Golden Rivers
  • Mid Gippsland
  • Mininera and District
  • Kyabram and District
  • South West District 


MPNFL                      2.1             5.5             9.5            10.6           66

NORTHERN               5.5             9.6            18.10          23.13         151

Goals: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN: B. Occhipinti 3, J. Butland 3, M. Peynenborg, L. Paynter, R. Odell, M. Russell. NORTHERN:  K. Green 7, T. Simpson 5, L. Gray 2, B. Nesci 2, B. Moorcroft, M. Hill, J. Stavely, A. Capeci, S. Desmond, J. Freebairn, N. Beames.

Best: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN: R. Odell, J. Davey, L. Paynter, B. Kiely, T. Hogan, N. Carlon. NORTHERN: T. Simpson, D. Marshall, B. Dillon, K. Green, J. Freebairn, C. Sleep.

MPNFL (2)                 5.7             6.10           10.15          16.20         116

YARRA RANGES      0.0             2.4             2.7            7.11           53

Goals: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN (2): T. Roberts 3, K. Villis 2, S. Downie 2, J. Ross 2, D. Underwood 2, J. Boase, T. Bishop, T. Stoffels, J. Grant, F. Hustwaite. YARRA RANGES: N. Aldridge 4, M. Brierley, A. Smith, H. Jarvie.

Best: MORNINGTON PENINSULA-NEPEAN (2): T. Bishop, T. Stoffels, S. Downie, C. Harris, T. Roberts, H. McShane. YARRA RANGES: D. Benson, N. Aldridge, R. Aldous, T. Gromer, M. Brierley, A. Smith.

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