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Locker Room exclusive with St. Kilda players

Locker Room exclusive with St. Kilda players

Leigh Montagna
St. Kilda player Leigh Montagna
Tom Curren
St. Kilda player Tom Curren

St Kilda football mid-fielders Leigh Montagna and Tom Curren drop by the RPP FM studios this week to pre-record an interview with The Locker Room presenters Neil Williams and Greig Whitelaw. The interview will be replayed this Saturday on The Locker Room between 10.30am – 12 noon on 98.7FM.

The informative and entertaining 20 minute interview covers how the game is played today, this year’s line-up at St. Kilda and pre-season training.

Both players also talk candidly about their football careers, the impact of football on their lives, challenges they face and off season priorities.

Montagna, who is 32 years old will chalk up his 250th game when he runs out on the field in the first round of the 2016 AFL season and Curren, a recruit from the Stingrays local football club is 23 years old and is looking forward to this season of football at St.Kilda.

The St. Kilda Football team spent a couple of days on the Mornington Peninsula this week to hold football clinics, a coaching seminar, visited primary schools and hospitals and hosted SuperClinic.

st kilda players interview
Action in Studio 1 at RPP FM local radio

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