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TCOB 100th show! Predicting Business Change

TCOB 100th show! Predicting Business Change


Taking Care of Business (TCOB) will reach another milestone this Friday, 18 December at 11am with a 1.5 hour special to celebrate its 100th show.100

Radio presenter and marketing extraordinaire Jacki Mitchell who runs her own marketing business and is a regular guest on SkyBusiness, the Small Business Show, will take TCOB to another dizzy height with a rare and exclusive interview with boardroom heavyweight and one of Australia’s most successful businessmen MR GRAHAM KRAEHE AO.

Mr Graham Kraehe AO

Mr Kraehe has been Chairman of BlueScope Steel, Chairman of Brambles and Director of Djerriwarrh Investments and worked with the Reserve Bank of Australia. He was previously Chairman of the National Australia Bank and worked alongside Rupert Murdoch as Director of NewsCorp.

Jacki will also share her TOP 5 business trends she has discussed with over 600 guests interviewed since TCOB started mid 2013.

1.Change Management – Business is going through unprecedented change with the rise of technology and many business owners are lagging behind due to resistance, interest and confidence – the generational gap is widening.

2. Neuro Everything – The rise of business trying to understand how the human brain influences consumer behaviour in all aspects, eg. neuro economics, neuro marketing, social intelligence, neuroscience etc.

3. The rise of Entrepreneurs in Australia, particularly those in the 55+ age group

4. Visual – We are reading less, with less time up our sleeves combined with a bombardment of messages. Photos, pictures and videos are becoming more popular in successfully achieving consumers attention.

5. Social Media – More businesses are using it, but how effectively? Don’t use hard sell messages, make it part of your brand in building a community. Remember it is called Social Media not BUSINESS media – Get some professional help!

TOCB has been a success story for RPP FM local radio. On behalf of RPP FM Management we take this opportunity to thank Jacki for her stalwart effort in bringing a well-acclaimed, award winning program to air each week and look forward to another inspiration, education and entertaining program in 2016.

Follow Jacki on https://www.facebook.com/tcob.rppfm/

Join Jacki this Friday to help celebrate her 100th program and finish 2015 on a business high!

Main pictured by Rab Siddhi: Jacki (left) holding her business crystal ball with radio presenter Debra Mar at TCOB Breakfast Meeting recently.

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Debra Mar Working many years in the corporate world in Melbourne and overseas, Debra found herself in the fashion industry as a designer after studying 3 years at RMIT. She now producers and presenters her own radio program The Breakfast Table every Tuesday 6-9am and writes for a local magazine. With a love of writing and being involved in the community, she has a certain curiosity of what makes people ‘tick’, Debra also writes feature stories and updates details on the RPP FM website.