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New Telstra technology rollout on MP

New Telstra technology rollout on MP


Telstra has you covered on the Mornington Peninsula with new technology available to local residents. The new applications and platforms will also deal with the increase in population during the peak holiday season.

Piers Cunningham who presents radio program Beyond Infinity on RPP FM is a ‘techo’ man himself and got down to the facts and figures with three special guests this week.

Peter Bennett-Hullin
Vicki Allen

Peter Bennett-Hullin, Licensee of Mornington & Rosebud Telstra Stores, Telstra’s Vicki Allen, Area General Manager Melbourne South East and John Young, a ‘techo’ expert, discussed new technology that has already arrived on the Peninsula and what new technologies will be rolled out in the near future.

John Young

Firstly, many people are excited about Telstra Air which is a great way of repurposing old phone booths and allows Wi-Fi connection when you have used all your data. Peter said, “ Telstra Air will also allow access to your own home broadband whilst you are overseas and can be part of your Telstra bundle package.”

Another new benefit for locals is the new 4GX network that offers a high speed service. “We know the Mornington Peninsula experiences a lot of congestion in the height of the holiday periods with holiday makers uploading photos, using social media and computers so, with additional data capacity on the 4GX network, will help increase the speed of the service,” Vicki added.

Peter explained, “Over the past 5 years there has been a massive shift of sharing content that chews up a lot of data, so with the new reliable networks and hardware platforms in place, the Peninsula is covered.”

Telstra TV is also available and runs off the reliable Raku hardware platform model. This can be part of your Telstra bundle and Bigpond movies are conveniently ordered also. “Saves you running down to the video shop,” Peter said.

New NBN rollouts have started in Mt Eliza offering maximum data speed with parts of Mornington on the list. The Southern part of the Peninsula will need to wait a couple of years. However, you can register your ‘Expression of Interest’ and start the conversation with Telstra about the NBN rollout plan in your area by visiting http://telstrashopmornington.com.au or http://telstrabusinessmornington.com.au

Peter and his team at Telstra Mornington & Rosebud ensure they proactively connect with their customers and contact them when old technologies are exchanged for new technologies such as the NBN rollouts. “This allows for a smooth transition before the exchange is carried out,” Peter said.

Tablets, new tablet technology and a range of products and data shared plans are also available in store.

Telstra Mornington & Rosebud ‘give back’ to the community with special grants and various campaigns, helping out charities, community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

There are so many options to choose from at Telstra so why don’t you pop down and see Peter and his team at Mornington & Rosebud to discuss the bundle to suit your technology needs in the home or business.

Telstra Shop Mornington:

Mornington Village Shopping Centre

241 Main Street, Mornington

Ph: 1300 852 892

Telstra Business Centre Mornington:

7/1-13 Mornington-Tyabb Road


Ph: 1300 692 874

Telstra Shop Rosebud:

Rosebud Shopping Centre

Boneo Rd & McCombe Street

Ph: 1300 698 357

Photography: Rab Siddhi

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Debra Mar Working many years in the corporate world in Melbourne and overseas, Debra found herself in the fashion industry as a designer after studying 3 years at RMIT. She now producers and presenters her own radio program The Breakfast Table every Tuesday 6-9am and writes for a local magazine. With a love of writing and being involved in the community, she has a certain curiosity of what makes people ‘tick’, Debra also writes feature stories and updates details on the RPP FM website.