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New Telstra products for Morn Pen

today14/12/2015 10

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Piers Cunningham presents an extraordinary radio program called Beyond Infinity every Tuesday at 11am has invited two special guests this Tuesday.

Peter Bennett-Hullin, Licensee of Mornington & Rosebud Telstra Stores and Telstra’s Vicki Allen, Area General Manager Melbourne South East will discuss Telstra Air which is a great way of repurposing the old phone boxes and allows WiFi connection when you may be out of data (or choose not to use it).

More importantly how is the Telstra Air program going to work, particularly on the Peninsula and what improvements are on the way for the Air network?

Also Telstra’s Hardware and Network compatibility will be covered in the discussion. With new hardware available each year, advancements in technology can put strain on the systems it uses, eg this year the Nexus 6P was released, however Telstra Customers complained of 4G connectivity issues and had to use workarounds. This is a potential problem for future devices as the technology continues to develop.

What is Telstra’s plan to ensure customer continue to have a variety of choices yet still have the service they expect?

(Whirlpool opinions

This will be a great informative program.


Pictured: Peter Bennett-Hullin (right) & Vicki Allen (next) with RPP FM Production Manager Steve Meyers

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Written by: Debra Mar

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